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At 8:53 on December 16, 2008, Lorna Brodie said…
Thank you!
At 18:34 on October 21, 2008, Tim Perry said…
Things getting any better, Dustin? Betcha that Longhorns victory over my Tigers helped a bit, huh? Peace!
At 4:30 on October 16, 2008, Sheldon Singh said…
No problem at all Dustin... I figured that you were jammin... We'll catch up when the dust settles.
Have a great day man.
At 12:32 on October 2, 2008, Sheldon Singh said…
Sorry I missed you yesterday.. Been jammin as well. I'll catch up with you next week if that's ok.
At 12:08 on October 1, 2008, Ivy said…
oh man, really hurtin today.. but it was worth it, we're goin to the playoffs!
At 10:31 on October 1, 2008, Ivy said…
oh yeah.. go white sox!!
At 10:30 on October 1, 2008, Ivy said…
lol.. most definitely!
At 8:32 on October 1, 2008, Tim Perry said…
Hey, Dustin. Hope all is well (or getting there) in Houston. We hit the 40's last night in St. Louis so a sign of things to come. Keep in touch!
At 17:06 on September 23, 2008, James Terrell said…
I like the site too. I guess the reporters dont want to take a chance on added complications - maybe (well, definitely) at some point it will be just an easy service - like I said, out here, the scopists were part of the reason some reporters didnt use it ... do any reporters have advice for easy synch of the mp3 to the transcript? that's another reason i was given... BUT THE CSR MIC'S SEEM TO BE BETTER THAN THEY USED TO BE , A LOT MORE CLEAR AND PLENTY OF LEVEL
At 15:22 on September 23, 2008, Lee Bowry said…
If you ever need legal video work in the NY/NJ/CT area, feel free to call me Dustin. I also have an EU Passport and can easily travel/work in Europe.


Lee Bowry
At 14:52 on September 23, 2008, Rebecca Blasco said…
Hi, Dustin,

Congrats on the graduation! How did your family/house fare during Ike? I used to live in FL and lived through Charley, Francic, Ivan and Jeanne. They all hit within six weeks of each other.

Let us all know that you and yours are well, won't you?

Nice meeting you!
At 10:59 on September 22, 2008, James Terrell said…
hey dustin! hope you all are digging out ok. Do i look on my page for correspondence? Cause i usually just visit the CSRNATION home page, and the email -usually from csr to csr...
however, i have started taking laptop on gigs, so maybe I'll start doing the csr thing - you know where they talk with their buddies during the depo- and then I would check my nation page
By the way, I've asked a few csr's and so far none of them are too into mp3 or other computer version of the audio - too much trouble syncing or the scopist cant handle it, etc etc. They still like the audiotape. Also a lot are not into the direct hookup from the mixer as it's still not a no muss no fuss set -and -forget thing - i mean you can get it to work but often no time before the depo when csr is trying to set up and all .... so ... Do you find it different from this?? my cell is 707 . 799 . 7601 and email james5@sonic.net catch ya later I guess now we'll find out how the legal biz is in a downturn Good Luck to us all!
At 22:08 on September 10, 2008, Chris said…
Yes, I'm new to CSR. One of my CR friends has just told me she has been a member for 3 months and has had 3 jobs come through with it. So, I believe the rest of us can feel hopefull.

Yes, k.i.t. any questions let me know.

At 10:22 on September 9, 2008, Chris said…
Congratulations on your graduation.
Welcome to the world of legal video. If you ever have any questions, lol, or need to vent, lol drop a line.

I have been working in legal video since 2001 and one big piece of advice that comes to mind (and was shared with me when I first started) is protect your ears, lol.

At 9:13 on September 9, 2008, Jim Bradle, CCR said…
Over 30 inches. What's the length of that beer? I would rather catch that any day.

At 8:48 on September 9, 2008, Chrissy Miller said…
Thank you. I just wrote down your number so I can call you sometime. We mostly do overflow too. 281-513-9295 We'd be happy to work for you, as well. Oops, almost time for a tape change. Gotta go. :)
At 8:37 on September 9, 2008, Chrissy Miller said…
Hello there,
Pleased to meet you.

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