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At 17:32 on April 8, 2008, Tami said…
My shoulder is better. Got a "shoulder" treatment yesterday, and it really worked. It's just stretching, and he digs in with his thumb as deep as he can get it until I have to remember my childbirth breathing. Of course I've had lots of practice at that. :)

So glad you're joggeng teh perfuncshun straike.

(Had a terrific day at work today. These are the days I don't regret quitting.)
At 22:09 on April 6, 2008, Tami said…
I'm leaving the typos. Usually I copy, erase, and paste back, but I'm going on perfection strike. :)
At 22:08 on April 6, 2008, Tami said…
Love the new pic of the cat. I have an old Wurlitzer piano that looks something like the on in the pic, too. Think it was built the year I was born.

I agree about analyzing your notes. One word here, one word there is nice, but there's nothing like groups at a time and/or new theory concepts.

Had a tough week. My shoulder is just blown out. I did go to acupuncture on Friday and had a deep tissue (bruising) massage yesterday, and hopefully that gets me through next week.

Haven't been on computer much because it's too painful.

Hope you enjoyed your quiet time. At lunchtime I mostly stay by myself. I love my friends, but it's really the only chance I get to myself.

Have a super week, Jenny!
At 9:59 on April 6, 2008, Sue Baker said…
That's a good story about "strategic." Funny how the heavens are taking care of us all the time. Congratulations!!! Thanks for the offer of help. I'll start making a little list and hit you with it in a week or so. I really do love Eclipse, there's just so much I don't understand about it.

It is the most gorgeous, beautiful day in Houston today. Perfect, perfect spring day. Hope it's nice where you are.
At 18:23 on April 5, 2008, Sue Baker said…
Hi, Jenny! Love your pictures. I have to put some on mine of my three doggies. You have three cats, right? Three's a charm.

AFA taking the CRR, doubt it will be soon. I just have never gotten comfortable enough on Eclipse even in 2-1/2 yrs. Maybe it will come. It's a whole different software, and it does things I don't expect. Or maybe it's that machine I hate the most, the 8000LX. Stacking galore. But I can't afford a new machine for a while, got three kids still sucking the life out of me, hee hee. But someday. So tell me the story about "strategic."
At 20:29 on April 4, 2008, Brenda Rogers said…
I *do* know that song! Slight variations, but I do know it! LOL
At 14:40 on April 4, 2008, Tami said…
Is it a good ice cream day??
At 17:44 on April 1, 2008, Ruthy said…
Hi Jenny -- Yes, I got the photo. (April took it over a year ago at their place). I'm not as into being on this site as it seems you are, as my time is very full in court. Thanks for the well wishes on finding a scopist. As soon as I get to breathe, I shall pursue it. I've been reporting ALL DAY ARGUMENT on a murder trial, never having been in that court before. My hands (and I) are exhausted. Time to rest them. What's going on for you?

Hugs - Ruthy
At 19:41 on March 31, 2008, Ruthy said…
Hi Jenny!

You're as photogenic as ever, and the queen of Eclipes and reporting in general, I hear. I hope you're feeling good. I keep in touch with April and hear about you. (great kitties)

Love, Ruthy
At 10:03 on March 31, 2008, April Floyd said…
Getting it from you!

I can't find Ruthy on here, although she said she joined.
At 9:57 on March 31, 2008, April Floyd said…
You've done enough work on my page already! Like all of it! You don't need to do any more, and I mean it.
At 6:36 on March 31, 2008, Shawn said…
Jenny, how are you doing? I like your pics, too, and the daffodils are awesome. Can't wait for spring here, which starts about May...unfortunately! And then it's all over in September for any warmth. Guess that's what keeps the lakes pristine here. I always try to slack off somewhat during those months when the climate is great.

Anyway, it's still been crazy. Marketing has been slow, so I've been scoping for the fed reporter again, which I may have mentioned previously, sorry. Lots of emergencies to get her caught up on, and throw in a few of my own, including one that I promised would go out today. Had to fit wife's B-day getaway in this weekend, too. Then, I'm not excited about driving three hours away for a two-day trial Wdz and Thz this week. Sorry, could go on and're going to get that ecl. file eventually when I get settled. I know, when will that be? Maybe when I can actually write on the Rev. after some weeks of adjustment. I'm one of those who jump right in, so should have some interesting translations again!

What have you been up to? Pounding out the depos...and then time for that glorious message? We must have something to look forward to, to stay motivated, right?

So you have one of those cats that enjoys their favorite show? Now, that is one tall TV ;0) He looks pretty spoiled like ours. Cat & dog in the house, and hair everywhere, of course. You should see my laptop bag when I get here covered in white!

Looks like you're fairly into food; if so, that's something we REALLY have in common. Let me know what you've been up to lately, and thanks for keeping me updated. Hope your friend is still doing well on the rev.
At 19:24 on March 30, 2008, April Floyd said…
I love your daffodils!
At 18:51 on March 28, 2008, Tami said…
Missed your ice cream post. You ARE in shape!! I think you should have another bowl.

I'm having a real problem with Starbuck's Venti Fraps. Yes, I gotta go Venti or not at all.

It makes my sugar go all outta whack, but I keep going back. Guess it could be drugs, so I shouldn't complain. (Actually, maybe it is. :)
At 12:40 on March 28, 2008, Brenda Rogers said…
Glad you like the briefs! They're easy to hit and I use them all the time now. AORP is acupuncture and AORPS is acupuncturist.
At 9:25 on March 28, 2008, Sherry Glascock said…
Hi, Jenny,
I was thinking about you just yesterday. I haven't heard from you or your sister for a while. Hope all is well. Things have been soooo crazy lately. I'm working on an ongoing case. With one particular witness, I'm up to page 1,236. Trial is set for June. One opposing attorney has 87 expert wintesses lined up! Another attorney has 42 experts! I'm working on another insane med mal depo where the questioning attorney was questionable, the doctor didn't want to be there, objections were flying, I was struggling to hang on. It came to the point where in my notes I simply put EVERYONE EVERYONE: Objection. Calls for speculation, as seven attorneys repeatedly used that objection simultaneously. Then, of course, there's my three sons. Baseball season has started. All three of them are in different leagues. I'm training for a marathon with Team in Training of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, so along with my training, I have to fundraise. But, hey, another day in the life of a mom/court reporter. Life is good.
Love all your pictures and the background. So creative!
At 23:27 on March 27, 2008, Brenda Rogers said…
Jenny, LOVE your background!! :)
At 13:09 on March 27, 2008, Tami said…
Thanks, Jenny. You're always the sweetest!

Still catching up on appts. This morning had two of my boys at the orthodontist and got one MRI today at 4:00 and tomorrow at 4:00 if we're successful. Praying for it to work!

Monday we see a gastro specialist, one I couldn't get last week with the three other specialists. Monday is a holiday, Caesar Chavez Day. I love Caesar Chavez!

Back to grind on Tuesday. I'm going to push to job share when I get back. I really don't want to work this hard any longer. Just work enough to keep my benefits. Hopefully I can sway the higher-ups.

Take Care, Jenny!
At 19:12 on March 23, 2008, Elise Nock said…
hey there jenny, no, not home yet. We are still 11/2 hrs still away from SJ. IT was beautiful though, didn't even look at the machine!!! I tried, but we were so busy just enjoying the kids. We got to SB early Friday eve, and just went out to dinner, stopped by his work -- Stef bartends at night to enhance his income as a new coach at SB, so we went there for a nightcap, and went home. Sat went to his game, but first to my daughter's rest, that is smack dab on the beach. Took the dogs wth us, and had a blast on the beach with them. Had a little beverage at her restaurant, and then went to the ball game. Stef's team won, so that was exciting. Interesting watching him coach as opposed to seeing him as a player. It was wonderful. Went out for breakfast late this morning, and then mydaughter dyed my hair, which I needed terribly. She is going to cosmotology school out here at SBCC, so she said I was in dire need of a grey cover up!!! Hahaha I have a depo in SF tom at 5 pm, so I am going to go in a little early and visit my girlfriend who works in criminal ct. She is trying to convert me to court work. It does seem tempting. . . I don't know. Okay, well tell me about your weekend girl. Talk to you soon. Elise
At 23:56 on March 22, 2008, Tami said…
Important part. :)

I've been force feeding my STR-NL to write short for lots of years, too. It's got to be on their time. They'll come around to the dark side sooner or later. She's a RMR, CRR -- terrific reporter. Graduated from the local (longhand) school.

Clay sat out this last week with a friend of mine -- Amanda on here (rarely). She said Clay's hand speed was amazingly slow. I said, "Pretty different than all the other students we see, huh!"

And she commented, "Not just the students. He totally blew my hand speed away."

Kinda worked out nice I was off. She's a great reporter. Think made it out of school in something crazy like you. I think it was 14 months. She passed the CM and let it expire.

Guess it was a pretty graphic molest case with a couple 8- and 9-year-old victims. Said it was the worst case of that type she's ever reported. Clay wasn't there on the most graphic testimony days. She said he's got the perfect demeanor for the job -- calm and easy going.

Still can't figure out where he got those traits from. His dad and I are both pretty tightly wound. :)

Wherever it came from, thank you, God!

Happy Easter -- in five minutes!

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