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At 13:04 on August 3, 2008, Sue @ The Brief Zone said…
Hi KL, check out The Brief Zone !
Great Drilling Practice For Any Steno Theory...
At 22:06 on July 23, 2008, Michael D. Chaney said…
My Dear Friend:
I haven't heard from you in so long; I thought you forgot about me. Now, I'm somewhat confused or forgetful. I don't know how I found out, probably from someone else and/or their site; but do please visit my sight. I have posted up there something in honor of you. lt's been up for such a long time, I thought you knew. I did it in honor of you because I'd heard you were having problems or worries or something like that...it was so long ago. Now, I've investigated and find out that either I didn't write you, the most important one or.....I don't know. But do visit my site and see what I've written in your honor for all my friends to see. I thought I'd sent it to all my student friends. If not, then I guess that global friend sending button doesn't work. I'm under the impression that all my student friends got this, but especially you. Please write back soon to tell me what you think or if it helped at all. I see others have written you and I thought I'd solved your problem. Your friend, indeed; Michael
At 13:19 on July 18, 2008, Sheryl Fort said…
Haven't made it to FL yet. The goal is to get there before the end of the year. We vacationed in the Outer Banks back in the beginning of June and we had a great time. There's just something about the beach and seeing the ocean that has such a calming effect! Enjoy your weekend. Sheryl
At 17:28 on July 14, 2008, Angie said…
Hi Karrie,
Welcome to CSRnation! The best advice I can give you is don't give up. I know it can be hard because of financial challenges, but hang in there. Nothing last forever. While going to court reporting school, I had a full-time job and I was a single parent with a 3-year old son. I struggled to pay tuition and most times I didn't think I would make it. But, I did and you will too. The rewards of being a court reporter, when I look back from where I've come, is worth every bit of struggling that I encountered. While practicing, try to clear your mind of any financial problems you may have and keep telling yourself that once you're accomplished the goal of becoming a court reporter, most if not all of your financial challenges will vanish . Set your goals to concentrate fully on court reporting and ask God to take care of everything else. And, he will.
At 2:57 on June 25, 2008, Rhonda Hall Breuwet, RDR CRR CLR said…
Hi, Karrie! Good luck with your home study. I'm sure that's tough doing it on your own, but you can do it!
At 14:41 on June 24, 2008, Sheryl Fort said…

Nice to meet you. I'm northwest of Philadelphia. I have family in the Tampa area. I am hoping to get together with my dad to walk on the beach in Clearwater before the summer is over. Sheryl
At 7:47 on June 24, 2008, Dale said…
Hi K:
Yes, please check it out, it can't hurt to compare all the theories out there.. The old stenos (bad term) out there that have been doing it for 35 years plus wished they had the theory we have now, and the machines, also. In a way, we have a harder job, with better machines and theory, faster turn-around time with the software, etc. And, I recommend Eclipse.
I incorporate Mark's stuff with the theory from the school, and, then, also, I invent my own.. If its "natural" in your brain the way YOU figure it out, it will always be the fastest way and steno brief that comes out of your fingers, rather than learning redundant stuff that you can't possibly remember!
take care and God bless you!
At 5:01 on May 16, 2008, Nicolete said…

Hi... Just wanted to holla. LOL. How's speedbuilding coming along? If you need any advice, let me know.
At 12:26 on March 24, 2008, Maria Ellicott said…
HI Karrie! What's up?
At 13:22 on March 15, 2008, Dale said…
Hi Karrie!
Welcome! I, too, am a student. I have been working on Steno since June of 06. I am at 140 wpm, sometimes more, sometimes less, depends on density of the material.
I am attenting a community college, which happens to have the oldest steno p rogram (and oldest teachers, lol) in the state (Michigan). While I am using their theory, I can see flaws in its complexity and application to going faster.
My advice is this: check out Mark Kislingbury's website (Stenomaster.com) for his "short-stroke" theory. I was overwhelmed a year and a halfl ago, when I saw, for the first time, the book "Brief Encounters" with all the complex ways of steno-ing 50,000 words or so.
Mark is the world speed holder at 380 wpm with 97% accuracy, and he is onto something, for sure.
Anyway, hope this helps,, at least check out his packages and good luck to you, this is an awesome profession
At 16:53 on March 2, 2008, Robyn Barrera said…
advice it is to switch to Eclipse. I am stuck on CC since I started and all they do is try to catch up to Eclipse and they never can. This is one of the most important investments you will make. Might as well make the right decision right off the bat. If you have any other questions, I'm here. Welcome once again!
At 16:51 on March 2, 2008, Robyn Barrera said…
Welcome Kl King. If I can give you ANY
At 13:23 on March 2, 2008, Dale said…
Hey Karrie, Dale here, again,, I have been doing steno as a student for 1.5 years, up to 140-180 wpm, depending on the density of the material,, which they say is fast for the time that I have been in it.
I have some ideas that you need to hear that could lessen the headache of this whole program. I have been developing short-stroke combinations, that are NOT in conflict with other strokes.
Also, after you learn your Theory, go to website for Mark Kislingbury (do google search), who holds the 380 wpm world speed record for steno,, and he has HIS own shortcuts, also,, which you will need to know.
Again, pleasure meeting you, take care, God Bless you!
At 13:20 on March 2, 2008, Dale said…
Hi K!
I'm Dale, new on the site, wanted to meet you and say HELLO!
I'm usually in florida 3 or 4 times a year, live in Michigan, am sure that I won't retire here, though.
See you!
nice smile, by the way !
At 16:42 on February 24, 2008, Maria Ellicott said…
Hey there, I saw your comment to Cathy about not being able to afford ISS, I wanted to say that you can pay in installments, you don't have to pay the whole tuition, I hope that info helps you.
At 11:28 on January 25, 2008, Angela Alvarado said…
I really enjoy my work with this agency. The best part of my day is getting to talk to all of the reporters. And there is NEVER a boring moment in this field.
At 3:21 on January 25, 2008, Jim Bradle, CCR said…
You, too. I thought I got up early to work, but you beat me today.
At 19:39 on January 16, 2008, Joyce Sasser said…
Hi! I'm happy to be a friend. One can never have too many friends. I see you're a student. How much longer do you have before you're ready to report?
At 8:50 on January 16, 2008, Angela Alvarado said…
Hi Karrie,
Thanks for requesting to be my friend. I don't know how much advise I can offer unless it's in regards to the best way to work with agencies (at lease in my opinion). But, if there's any questions you have I will do my best to answer them :-)
At 5:10 on January 16, 2008, Peter said…
Practice accuracy and learn how to edit a transcript because that's where most of your time is spent. If you have the money while in school try both Case and Eclipse before making your $4,000 decision to the lucky salesman. Call some agencies and also some courts and see what they use. If you're going the agency route, see if they provide training in the software you choose as each one continually adds new updates every year which of course costs us money.

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