I have two reporters who have not paid me. Their bills are over a year past due. Can I post their names here to warn others?

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HI. That's a good topic. I have the same problem with an agency. I am going to have to take them to court. I just didn't want it to come to that.

I also have a question about an agency not paying for my rough. What should I do in that circumstance? Any input?
don't do work for them again if you feel that strongly about it, or if they call and you're willing to take the job, tell them you want paid for the rough on the last job before you take the next job. Personally I have would have an understanding with the firm before you take any work from them as to what rates you want paid. Have them sign your rate sheet or an agreement outlining your rates. And if they still you, you can take them to small claims.
The judgment might be public record, but there's really no way to make the judgment known unless you start telling everyone yourself (which is considered bad-mouthing). It does not go on their credit score as many people think unless you are a credit-reporting agency. I know it's disappointing to most to learn that, but such is life!!
I don't think that it would be a good idea to name names but they know who they are. You can always sue them!!!!!!
i may have said this last week,
but couldn't you contact the CSR Board and ask them for advice on how to get paid by
this court reporter?

I would highly advise against NOT posting any names, although I think all of us should be able to have a COD list of reporters, agencies and even attorneys who are deadbeats.
I'm a reporter that lost a lot of money several years ago when THREE agency owners refused to pay me for the work I did.  I took two to court, the other to a labor law group (who never collected a cent for me).  At the point where I hit the THIRD agency, I quit reporting.  I recently re-entered the profession and am now with good, reputable people who pay in 30 days.
However, to address your question, two of those agencies that stiffed me stiffed other reporters all over the country.  Although we managed to find each other, some posted a blog and named names.  They were promptly sued for slander by one of those agencies.  The reporter was court ordered to take down the blog.
To be honest, I have a gripe with NCRA and my state reporting association for not being there for the small-time reporters.  Those of us who are not agency owners and need to be paid because we don't have the cashflow agencies do.  My daughter doesn't understand it when I say we can't go grocery shopping because so-and-so didn't send the check she was supposed to.  I firmly believe that the dues I paid to NCRA and my state association should represent me as well as the reporting profession image.  There should be some recourse in trying to collect money whether you're a reporter or a scopist.  To not pay fo services rendered is theft of services and should be prosecuted in my opinion.

Long story short, if you name names (which I would LOVE TO DO), you risk slander litigation.


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