Real Time Live Notes Users in Dallas, Chicago, DC & New York

Hello everyone! I am getting ready to start a very large case that I need real time live note users in Dallas, Chicago, DC & New York. It will start out being 50+ depositions. If you are interested, please let me know. I need to start assigned reporters as soon as possible and I would like the same ones to cover the depos that are in their area.

I look forward to your responses!! Thanks so much!

Debbie Allen

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Hi, Debbie,

I am a real time reporter in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I would be glad to help you out.

Melisa Duncan

My e-mail address is I also know of some realtime reporters here in Dallas.

If any reporters responding need a Catalyst scopist I am available! Email me privately at I use audiosync, have competitive rates, and excellent turnaround!
Debbie, I have realtime reporters who cover both D.C. and New York and can arrange to have the same one or two handle your case on regular basis.


What is your e-mail address? There are two excellent LiveNote reporters in the Dallas area I would like to put you in contact with. I'm a scopist, but up until December '07, I was also managing a reporting firm in East Texas and handled a large patent case using these reporters. We weeded through some and found a couple that could measure up. They have even traveled out of state for consistent coverage.

Don't get me wrong, there are other great LiveNote reporters, too, but there are some that are not -- as in any industry.

You can reach me at -- not sure how this site does your e-mail address so I'll spell it out -- txscopist "at" suddenlink "dot" net if you're interested in having these reporters contact you.

Everyone have a great holiday today!

Cheryl Toles
I am a realtime reporter CSR, LSR from the NYC area and would be happy to help you at any time. Please email me at Thank you
Hi Cheryl! My email address is I would LOVE to know who those reporters are. I'm having a terrible time finding real time reporters. Thanks so much for your response!!

I sent you an e-mail with their info.

Good luck!

Hi, Debbie!
Please contact me at I am a CRR and Certified Livenote Reporter.
Hope we can work together in the future!
I'd love to help with any of your or the other court reporters' scoping needs. Please give me a call if I can assist. My experience and rates can be found on my page. Thanks... Hope to hear from you soon.

Indrani Peyton
Hello Debbie,
I am very much interested in helping you cover the DC area for the above referenced assignments. I am a real time/live streaming reporter with over 10 years experience. I am a notary in Maryland, DC, Massachusetts and Virginia. I pride myself in accuracy and on time delivery of transcripts. I have a team of scopists as well as proofreaders to assist me in all my assignments.

You can contact me at 413-478-7815 (cell) and via e-mail at

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi, Debbie. I am a CLR based in Chicago. If you're still looking for coverage in these parts, please let me know!

Laura Renke, RDR, CRR


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