Hello, Stenovations users

I am a court reporter who is a digitalCAT trainer and Stenovations representative. I will be happy to answer any/all of your questions here.

Greta Duckett

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Someone should start a nice review of this fine machine in the review section :D
Hi Greta,

I am on Eclipse software, and I am thinking about purchasing a LS. Will I have a problem with my software being compatible? Do you know when the new one is coming out with the screen and audio?

There is no problem with compatibility with Eclipse (or any other software, that I know of). The expert Eclipse/LS person is Brenda Rogers, and she can answer any Eclipse-specific questions. She is here and on depoman.

I don't know when the next model will come out. But if you buy the LS now, if you want to trade it in for the next model, you will get your full purchase price credited toward the new one.
Hi Greta,
I am glad to hear there are no problems with Eclipse.

I am a little nervous about buying this writer because of the fact there are only two backups, no paper, no audio, and no screen, but it just looks sooooo cool! Have you had any issues at all with the lack of these features? The Fusion and Mira have three backups. Do you have a mic hooked up to your laptop for audio?

Can you give me Carmen's number. If anything, I will do the 90 day trial period. This writer looks like it is worth the 15% restocking fee.

Thank you, Greta
In order to play your audio file somewhere else, I *think* you have to convert it to a .wav or other sort of file which the player is compatible with. I don't know how to do that, but support does.
Hi, Greta,

I have been utilizing Digital CAT software (scopist version) for quite awhile. I'm very sure I don't know all of the ins and outs of the software. Could you E-mail me privately at pwalker18@comcast.net to let me know how much it costs to receive training on Digital CAT software?

Also, when I first started using the Digital CAT software, I purchased the converter from Stenovations to convert the Digital CAT audio files to .wav files. Of course, my computer that this software was on crashed and I cannot retrieve the software to load onto my new computer. Who would I need to contact at Stenovations to help me get this software loaded onto my new computer?

Thank you in advance for your input.


Pattie Walker
Hi, Greta,

It's me again. I have a silly question concerning Digital CAT, and I can't seem to find the answer in the manual. Yes, I printed out the entire manual.

How do you "keep together" words from one line to the next? For example, if you have "Dr." at the end of one line and "Smith" and the beginning of the next line, how do you keep "Dr." and "Smith" together on the same line?

I'm hoping this makes sense to you.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.


Pattie Walker
Thanks, Yvette, I'll try that.

I tell you what, learning a new software on the fly is a bigger PITA than I thought it would be. When you can't find something and you have a deadline to meet, it gets pretty hairy, so to speak. LOL


Pattie Walker
The "keep together" is ^, or Shift + 6. I have in my dictionary defined the dash as ^--, Mr. as Mr.^ (click cap next).
Thanks for your help, Greta. I really appreciate it.


Pattie Walker
I have to think about your month and date. You could put a ^ after the month, but then any word after a month would be "stuck" to it and may pull it to the next line. You couldn't use the Attach Numbers flag, because then it would look like August8.

I do have a stroke I call Keep Together, and my steno is K E P. For me, it is defined as a prefix and it keeps two words together, like DOUPB/KEP/TURPB would be downturn.

You could use that stroke or another stroke and the English Translation would be ^. Then whenever you wrote it, it would hold them together.

So you would write:
A U G/ K E P/#8
Pattie, here are some other things to help you define correctly. I did this about a year ago so I hope the info is still current.
Prefix or Suffix Definition: Highlight the steno/text to be defined and press Enter for a Main Dictionary entry or Shift + Enter for a Job dictionary entry. Enter the prefix or suffix text (ing, ed, pre, etc.) in the English translation window and select either suffix or prefix in the Flags area.

Punctuation Definitions: Highlight steno/text as above and press Enter or Shift enter.
For a comma or semicolon– enter a comma (,) or semicolon in the English translation window and select the Suffix Flag
For a period or a question mark – enter .^ (period, Shift 6) or ?^ (question mark, Shift 6) (period, Shift 6) (The ^ symbol acts as a hard space so that there will be two spaces after a question mark or a period.)
For decimal point – enter just a period in the English translation window and select the Attach Numbers Flag.
Delete Space – put no text in English Translation window and select the Prefix and Suffix flags.
Insert a space (as between numbers
For Courtesy titles such as Mr., Ms., Dr. – Enter the appropriate text (Dr., Mr.) followed by the ^ symbol. Select the Prefix and Capitalize Next Flags.
For dashes (--) – Enter ^-- in the English Translation window and select the Suffix Flag
To define a stroke that will capitalize the next word, leave the English translation window blank and select the Capitalize Next Word Flag.
If you get an extra period when you write a.m. (p.m., In., Jr., etc.) followed by your ending period punctuation (such as -FPLT), mark the appropriate strokes and enter text such as a.m.^ or p.m.^ or Dr.^ in the English translation window and select Capitalize Next in the Flags area.

Alphabets - for a capital letter alphabet, i.e., ABC, enter the Capitalized letter in the English translation window and select the Attach Letters Flag.


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