Hi, all! I'm new to the forum.

The firm I work for is looking to expand their base of freelancer court reporters in the Long Island, NY area. If you are looking to pick up work, please contact me at mitchellann AT comcast DOT net for further info.

Have a great day!

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Do you know of any reporters in your firm that are on StenoCAT. I am a former court reporter
(for 22 years) now interested in scoping on StenoCAT. Please forward my telephone number
(813)310-6841 or dyetta@aol.com, if you may know of someone on StenoCAT.
Thank you, Darlene
You should contact Long Island Business Institute, Commack, NY for a list of new reporters or graduates who are looking for jobs.
Thanks so much for the suggestion! I will!

My name is Susan Crivello, and I recently graduated from LIBI (Long Island Business Institute). I am looking to sit in on depos and eventually start working. I have interned with Family Court, and I have sat in on one depo on Thursday. I live in Smithtown, Long Island, NY. I am available Monday through Friday.

You can contact me at getsteno@optimum.net or 631-265-7015
Thank you,
Do you all cover jobs in the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland areas?? I can assist with coverage in those areas. If this is of interest to you, send me an E-mail Okelly8139@msn.com.


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