I am curious to know what your back up procedure is. Do you do it daily? weekly? every job? What do you do exactly?

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I was doing that 'during the job' for a bit, but just got too much, lol.
I back up before I leave the depo to a flash drive. I try to remember to back up to an external hard drive about once a week. Well, that's new, and it depends on how much I've accomplished in the way of completed depositions. I know someone who backs up her in-progress jobs before she closes her CAT program. I think that's a good idea, but I never think of doing it. Thumb drives are at hand; I could do it easily enough.

No paper notes, so that's one hassle out of my life. :)
At the end of every day in court I back-up onto a flash (thumb) drive; then when I get home I back that up onto an external hard drive, and a CD
I back up every job onto my USB memory stick and then transfer it to my desktop to work off of, and back up whenever I'm done working. As far as my untranscribed notes go, I was told by the CSR board years ago that your floppy disk (I have my awesome Stentura 8000 that I've had since I was in 160s and will use it as long as I can) acts just the same as your paper notes, so I write on my paper notes(just in the slim chance that my computer fails and my disk fails, I'll have the paper) but once my job is done and it is backed up, I throw my paper notes away and store my disk for a year, which is how long you're supposed to keep it
You only need to keep your notes (in whatever format) for a year? Nice! We need to keep transcribed notes for 5 years and untranscribed for 10. Not such a big deal with digital notes, but paper -- that was a pain! Digital notes weren't accepted as the archived notes until a few years ago, within the past five or so, I think.
I have a fusion, so everything I do goes on my SD card. After every hearing that I hear in court, I immediately go to my office and move the pertinent files, i.e. notes, wav, onto a server on my desktop that is backed up nightly through the State. I also keep a log, of course, that I put the specific file numbers on, the date, etc., so I can easily retrieve them if need be.
Oh, yeah, I still have to file my paper notes in Bankers boxes and put them in a storage area in the courthouse under Kansas rules.
I just subscribed to Idrive.com and it does a backup daily. I do my whole CaseCat file. The first one takes a while...hours...but after that, it just 'updates' the files that are new or have changed, so only takes minutes. No more worry of having my dictionary/edited files/etc backed up!!!

I do also have a separate storage...F drive...that I put everything on once I have printed it. I also have the tablet that came with my Gemini Revolution, and I leave the original file in there until I have printed/finished it.

Once a year, I burn the year to a CD and put a copy at my safe deposit box. You want to 'update' those every 5yrs, as CDs could 'age'.
At the end of the job, I back up the job and system files to a flash drive. At home, I copy over from flash drive to desktop. (I rarely take out laptop at home.)

Every night I back up to 2 external hard drives using Handy Backup. All I have to do is turn them on before I go to bed and the scheduled backups do their thing. No thinking about it. Just turn 'em on. I turn them off in the morning. There is no need to have external hard drives running all day. They get hot and just fail quicker. That's why it's important to always have minimum TWO external hard drives. They DO fail!!



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