I asked for the latest reporter rate sheet from my agency, and I was shocked that I never caught this earlier. They pay the same amount for realtime/LiveNote and for a rough draft. I immediately said, "No, no, no, no! The realtime rate must be higher than the rough draft rate. It's a specialized skill. Anyone can go home and clean up a rough draft and e-mail it. A realtimer does it all right on the spot."

I am close to the powers that be and can speak my mind and hopefully be influential. I am making a case for raising the realtime rate, and my question to you all is regardless of what the actual rates are, what is the difference between the two that you or the agency you work for charges?

And if any Southern Californians are comfortable telling me the actual rates, either here or to me in private (mytwins@cox.net), I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to have something to back up what I'm saying. I have numbers in mind and would like to know if I'm in the industry ballpark.

While I'm at it, isn't the norm for expedite rates 10 percent per day? I could also use some stats on your expedite rates as well.



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Hi, Diane! Yes, it works with all CAT software. It's just the receiving/viewing software, so you can set it up just like any others (Caseview, etc.) and off you go!

Here's the link to Bridge.

It may require you to go to the main page first:

I have an old laptop as well. I went in and cleared everything off of the hard drive (dusted off the cobwebs too) and just loaded Bridge. Works like a gem!
Diane & Kelli, I posted on CRF to Keith Vincent on this Bridge topic. It is TeleView that you'd use for internet streaming if/when using Bridge. However, there is more info re Teleview/Bridge he added that you might find interesting for the future.

If you take the CLR class, you get the LiveNote software for free including the Internet streaming software. That's the only reason I took the class a few years ago. LOL! And as long as you pay the $50 each year to keep the CLR current, you get the software updates.
What kind of connection are you using with the extra laptop? I downloaded Bridge yesterday but it didn't have much info on how to connect. I'm assuming that a stenocast device would be the easiest, but I don't know what other options there are.

Ah-HA! I seemed to recall something like that when I took the CLR years ago. I have paid my $50 a year as well, although they said they've stopped charging for that renewal now. I'll have to check with LiveNote now and see if they'll let me upgrade to the token-free version. Thanks, Lisa!
Kelli, good luck tomorrow! You'll be fine, I'm sure!
Arielle, thanks for the info on Transcript Manager Pro -- I'd forgotten all about their recent offer to give the reporters the software. I can't even remember where I heard that, but I'm glad you reminded me. Great info! I'll have to try it out.
Kelly, I am on the stenocast wireless RT system and I use the free software from www.1360studios.com and it works perfectly
Hi, Lisa!

There are still a few out there that are paying the same RT rate as the rough draft, usually a buck a page here in SoCal. There are a few that pay more, and those are the agencies I'll pick up work for FIRST. I freelance, so sometimes it's a decision of taking a realtime job at the buck-a-page rate or a nonrealtime job at an even lower rate. ;-(

Most of the agencies are "open" (somewhat) to discussion about rate concerns. If they're finding that other agencies are paying higher rates, they *may* rise to the occasion. I've found that the larger corporate agencies aren't as flexible in that area, but they also give their calendar people the authority to approve page rate requests when searching for a realtime reporter.

I have a friend who takes freelance work, and she'll flat-out say, "I'm happy to take your job tomorrow, but not for less than $$$ per page," and they usually always book her. I take assignments from agencies on the East Coast as well, and they usually let me TELL them my rates before accepting a job assignment. Sure hope SoCal agencies get on the bandwagon with that as well!

RT should be higher than rough draft, of course! Many RTers feel that if the atty is getting the RT on their own computer that they are going home with a rough and therefore charge for both RT and rough. If the atty is using the CR's laptop, then they're seeing the RT now but not later (no rough to take home) and then the rate should be, yes, higher for the RT. The going rate is $1.50 for rough. The CR should get 70 or 80% of that. The rate for RT should be $2. The agency should make something on that but maximum 20%. It's entirely the CR's effort and equipment and skill that's making that happen.

And yes, 10% per day for expedite.

Here's a good chart to use:

Rush work should be billed to the attorneys clients as follows: **
1-day (next day) (daily), bill 100% more
2-day expedited, bill 90% more
3-day expedited, bill 80% more
4-day expedited, bill 65% more
5-day regular expedited, bill 50% more
6-day delivery, bill 40% more
7-day delivery, bill 30% more
8-day delivery, bill 20% more
9-day delivery, bill 10% more
10-day regular delivery, no premium, charge the basic 2-week delivery rate

Thank you very much. I will try this out. Have a safe and happy 4th.
I charge 1.00 for the rough and 1.50 per hookup for realtime. Expedited rates aren't charged for anything over a week's turnaround.
I charge expedited if I'm called a week after I take the job and they want it the next day. I probably haven't even started on it by that time, so it's going to be an overnighter--and I charge overnight rush rates. This has come up a couple of times this year alone. Both times the attorney decided to order a rough draft instead of the overnight rush--I called opposing counsel and one time they ordered the rough, too. If they say "in a few days" or "as soon as you can get it to me," I'll try to move them to the front of what I'm doing and get it to them as I can without staying up at night working on it or giving up any depos during the days--if I can, I will; but, no, no working all night because on the 5th business day they call and want it "in the morning," or some such.


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