I was a reporter for a few years five years ago, and I just totally lost it. I was over worked and it reporting left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I am ready to give it another go. Does anyone have any suggestions?
What do you guys think about Simply Steno? I looked at their sample schedule for a week: Please let me know what you think. (BTW been out of the field for a while) do you guys think this is worth geting back into the field for $610 to start and that covers the first 3 months. After that it's $360 every three months. I already finished a program where I proved that I can write accuratley at 225. I guess it is one of those cases where if you don't use it you will lose it. Well I have totally lost it. I tried to get back in the swing of things, and I can't get focused that is why I am starting SS. Has anyone on here been through or going through the program?

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Before you spend too much money, I'd check the local agencies in your area and find out if there's a need for your services. There are qualified realtime reporters that are having a very hard time of it right now. Many areas are experiencing a huge decline in the need for reporters.
If you "totally lost it" after five years, I agree with Judy. Before you put yourself through the headaches, I'd see what's happening in your locale.

Over the years I've taken off pretty big chunks of time. After a serious bout with carpal tunnel that pretty much crippled my hands, it took me nearly five years to get back. To me it was like riding a bike, though. It felt a bit foreign for the first day or two, but then it was like I had not skipped a beat.

If you decide to move forward, I think Simply Steno would be a good option.
I think I was a bit misunderstood when I said "totally lost it" I did not lose my speed at all. I just lost the will to be a reporter. The agency I was with was not at all a teaching agency. It was "GET YOUR TAPE RECORDER, AND GET TO WORK!!! DON'T FORGET TO TURN IN YOUR TAPES, SO THEY CAN BE TRANSCRIBED!) At that time I was 22 years old fresh out of school, and I was expecting to have more of a learning experience (at least sit in with a more seasoned reporter.) That is what I meant by "I totally lost it".

That was about 5 years ago. Since then I have been working a dead end job becuase it is very scary to me for the fear of not knowing my capabilities as a reporter. That is why I thought about SS I just figured I need to get retrained.I figured since the school I went to was so far from home why not? I have tried on many, many ocassions to get focused on practicing. I guess what I need is structure:) They seem pretty structured from what I have read.

I have had some thoughts about relocating again especially if I obtained my RPR. Even if I stayed in Ohio for a while (which I hope it is not for long!) I plan to just get my feet wet before I relocate.

Thank you for responding I am looking forward to hearing from you guys soon.
I guess maybe another question you should be asking the agencies is if they "train" new reporters. Most reporters do get thrown to the wolves. I know I did. Around this neck of the wood, that's pretty common.

Or maybe what you can do, instead of taking jobs and trying to get paid for them, sit out with reporters for, oh, I dunno, six months or a year so you can get "trained."

And I totally understood that when when you said you "lost it" that you meant your ability to want to be a reporter, not losing your speed. But, as Tami said, what makes you think it's going to be any different now?

Sorry to be so harsh, but this profession has a glut of great reporters, experienced reporters, willing reporters, hungry reporters, realtime reporters that are scraping to get by because of the economic woes. I, unfortunately, predict that when Gov. Ahnold sends out his 20,000 pink slips in the days to come, that all civil departments in the court system are going to be sans live reporters. You know what that means? A few thousand officials are now going to become freelance reporters, in an already overly saturated job market.

I think in order to make it in this profession right now takes more than currently being in a deadend job and looking for a way out. As I keep telling my 21 yo daughter, be happy you even have a job; things could be worse.
I don't think you were being harsh at all. With the economy at it's worse I totally understand. Right now I feel like that reporting is the only thing that I could see myself doing in the long run. I just have to follow my destiny and take the bitter with the sweet. I understand also that no job is perfect, and it is a hard road to get through to become a reporter. I just don't want to end up a 60-year old diner waitress that is why I decided I have to do something. (BTW, that is not what I do now lol) I just feel like I don't have to settle for a dead end job because of the economic state or that is what was handed to me. That is what is wrong with people now they like to give it instead of putting up a fight! I don't think I spent thousands of dollars on CR school to just throw it away.

I think you just helped me make my descion to start SS anyway afraid and all. Thank you for your words of encourgement and wisdom. You had an idea for me to sit out with a reporter for six months to a year hahahahahaha! That would be nice if the cost of living was free. (kidding) Seriously a good idea, but I can't afford that.

"I guess what makes me think it's going to be different now" is the fact that I am five years older, and I would like to say that I have matured, or maybe the fact that I am single mother with a daughter to raise. It doesn't hurt that I am not a quitter!!

Thanks again!
I hope you're wrong about the Gov., Judy, but with so many Officials sitting on their hands and not working towards stellar RT for all these years, I think we have it coming.

Ebony, if you haven't lost your speed, why are you even considering going back to school??

That makes no sense to me. Do you really think schools are going to teach you about the real CR world??

If your speed is at 225 and you want to build it up more, throw $29 bucks to Magnumsteno.com for a month

I know for me speed builds confidence.
I don't think you need school either if your speed if still around 225. I'd try sitting out with reporters, joining Magnum Steno and signing up for the RPR. Good luck!

Tami, every official around here does realtime. No one wants to be the only reporter who doesn't do it. Of course, I don't know if it's stellar or not. Some courts make you pass a "readability test," which is basically their version of the realtime test. I really, really hope all the officials make it through this.
You know, Patricia, I think the majority I work with hook up, but I sure don't believe RT has been embraced like it should have been in our courts.

(There was a great article in the JCR this past month that I think was pretty dead on about the subject.)

I have hooked up with judges that told me they thought RT was worthless. (I think I got them to change their mind after I worked for them.) If you're a reporter providing a worthless feed, you're doing all of us a huge disservice. (Of course I'm using "you" in general.)

Our courts only pay a buck more an hour if you're not certified and three bucks more an hour if you are. That is only paid for the hours you are actually on your machine. I was hooking up back when we didn't get a dime extra, but I could see the big picture and knew it was our only way out from ER.
Tami, Judi, Patricia
I lost some speed not all speed. I am just not as fast as I used to be.
I am not writing 225 obviously if I have not reported in 5 years. If you read the second post that I posted you would have understood that what I was trying to say is I am not as good as I used to be 5 years ago. After a 5 year hitatus who would be at 225 right away?

That is why it doesn't make sense to you I guess:) When I TOTALLY LOST IT... IT WAS MY MIND!!!! Not in the literallay. I am probably about 130 I believe last time I checked.
Bottom line: I was not at a teaching agency, but better luck for me next time!! I will let you all know how it turns out. Nice meeting all of you!
Tami with the i, Judy with the y.

"I already finished a program where I proved that I can write accuratley at 225."

I think we misunderstood you and thought you meant you were currently at 225.
Well, I find your comments to be a little chilling! I appreciate the insight, but I'm very worried since I am a student. Of course, the schools keep telling us that the market is ripe for picking - and even news articles say reporters are in demand -- so, your words are enlightening. And, of course, I'm a little worried now.
Heck, Jeannie, I've been in this business since '82 and I'm a little worried now.


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