I have some questions, especially if you have taken the CSR within the last three years! Suchas, where are you working, what was the test like, etc.

Thanks for your help?

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No, thiS is All new T0 me. ThanKs foR the InsiGht...AnY inFo iS moSt HelpFuL!
Hi, Jill,
I'm just curious to know if your training included any type of instruction in depo/courtroom procedures, and if it covered the type of services that attorneys request these days? I've only been a reporter for two years, and I remember I hadn't even gone into my second month of reporting before I started getting expedite and rough requests. I remember how stressful this was for me, and I was even already using CAT software. I totally understand that you would obviously be a new reporter, which makes requests like this overwhelming for all new reporters, but I'm just wondering if you're taught as a mask reporter how to respond to an attorney who asks you to read back questions and answers, or who really needs a rough asap. I've always wondered how these services are provided with the method you're pursuing.
Good Question!
I do know as we are reporting a digital recorder is playing. I know i have alot to learn. Right now i am focusing on passing this exam in October. NerVouS........
Is this question for me or Able Reporting? If for me, I am in Houston, Texas.
Able Reporting:
What areas are most accepting for voice? I know Dallas/Ft Worth area is not, i have already checked.
Jill, I'm in the Dallas area. I started out in New Orleans over 20 years ago, then moved to Memphis, Tennessee. What I have found is that in the areas where people are unfamiliar with voicewriters, there may be some hesitation to try something different, but I'm on realtime, I can provide a rough draft, I can read back, do expedited transcripts.... the result is the same as using a machine writer, so, generally speaking, it's just a matter of overcoming the "fear of the unknown," and that's not really a problem -- that's a challenge! :-)
I believe people are unfamiliar with mask reporters because there are very few that have the capability to provide realtime, rough drafts, readback, expedited transcripts, computer-aided software transcription, et cetera. (And I wonder why they're not teaching that in mask school as they are for machine writers? I wonder how long the schooling would take then.) However, I believe Jill was speaking of employment. When these capabilities of what is expected of a reporter is all new to someone and they lack those capabilities, it's much more than just a matter of overcoming the fear of the unknown. The first thing a potential employer is going to ask is do you possess the capabilities of, at a bare minimum, CAT, and, in addition, ability to instantly readback, produce rough draft and expedited transcripts and realtime. Now, that's the challenge! If you have heard of none of this and haven't been educated on that in school, you are at a disadvantage and it definitely will not be the same result as using a machine writer.


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