I have some questions, especially if you have taken the CSR within the last three years! Suchas, where are you working, what was the test like, etc.

Thanks for your help?

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Hi, Evelyn. I'm a voice writer. I moved to Texas last year and took and passed the CSR exam in September. I'd be happy to answer any questions I can for you.
Oh, great! Where did you get your training? What city are you working in? And can you tell me a little bit about taking the CSR using the mask? I have heard on another forum that voicewriters are put in a "separate area" from steno test takers. How many times did you take the test? That's it for now, I guess. I am sure I will more questions later.

Thanks for replying.
Where in TX are you employed? What region?

Just curious. What made you pursue mask reporting instead of a steno machine writer?
I started out with the machine but after a year of school, i decided it was not for me.
I looked into the mask & i like it sooo much better plus it took only half the time to complete. I take the state exam in October so fingers crossed!
October will be here before you know it. Good luck. Are you in Louisiana?
I am in Louisiana but the area i am in theres not many mask reporters. Will see how it all turns out.
Well, I am sure there are more there than here in Houston (two to my knowleged). Good luck with everything. I thought Louisiana was big on voicewriters like Arkansas.
well, just not in my area. I believe they are farther south Louisiana.
Thanks for the response. Are you producing your transcripts with CAT software or are you typing your transcripts? Was there any realtime instruction or application included in your mask schooling?
we are typing everything at the moment, when i get good and into the career, i will look into equipment.
Just FYI: These days most, if not all, employers require "at a minimum" for court reporters to produce transcripts by the use of CAT software to even be elligible to gain employment as a court reporter. It's usually the most basic requirement employers are looking for to even consider an individual for hire to perform the duties of a court reporter. Had you consulted with anyone on this prior to pursuing mask reporting? Did the mask school provide you with any information regarding CAT software and instruction?


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