My daughter is getting her occupational therapy degree and forwarded me this link for a desk workout that she was impressed with.  I ran across another good youtube workout I think on the Eclipse Facebook page.  If I see the link for that again, I'll post that as well.  If anybody else knows good ones, please add them.

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Okay, this was listed as exercises for tendonitis and carpal tunnel, is simple, short, and makes the arms fell good.  Someone had posted this, like I said, on I think the Eclipse Facebook page.  I'm sorry I can't credit them.

The best investment I ever made was my treadmill desk.  That's where I proofread all my work while walking at the same time.  If it broke down, I'd buy another one.  

That is a great setup you have, Kelli ~

Thanks, Alice.  I also watch Netflix movies while walking on it too.  Worth the money for sure.


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