I just received this mic I bought for $7.99.  Tested it on my laptop though the sound recorder.  It is as good or better than the Labtec.  I don't know how long it will last, but it works great!!!  No battery.

Amazon wants more shipping than the cost of the mic, but I bought it from this seller and the shipping for ground was only $2.99



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I just know my USB microphone didn't work either till I disabled the Realtek internal microphone.  I think that overrides it for some reason. 


Hi Kelli,


I use the SPEEX codec, had listen turned off, disabled all enhancements, including the Realtek Sound Maxx.  After deleting and reinstalling the Realtek driver and returning my computer to factory settings, and still having the problem, I sent the computer to Toshiba.  They replaced the board associated with the microphone port.  You mentioned Eclipse thought you might have a problem with the mic. port.  That is what it was in my case, brand new laptop.   If you get clear sound from USB but not the mic port, it sounds like you might have the same issue.

I got in on that deal, too, of 2.99 labtec mics. I stocked up

All these replies kinda tells you the price point reporters want on microphones.

How does a Labtec 303 compare to Labtec 333?  These ebay mics say 303.

I bought the $199 sound professionals mic, and it is awful w/ my IBM ThinkPad and CaseCAT.  I have had support help me adjust it (Sound Professionals and CC), etc., to no avail.  Everyone on Eclipse's website swears by it, but I'm having that underwater/tunnel sound too.  I am definitely going to check out Eric's $59 dollar mic.  For some reason, I can't imagine a 2.99 mic doing the job....and why would you buy 6?

Kim, the 2.99 mics were/are great.  I used them for years.  They're just not as easy to find now because I believe they're not being made anymore.  I know someone who just bought an Andrea mic and sound card for like 50 bucks for the combo (on their website) and she said her sound now is very clear and loud ~ no more underwater/tunnel sounds :)

You buy six because they've been discontinued.  If I lose one, break one, it just dies, I want backups.  I bought the first two after a recommendation from someone else.  I do have an external sound card that I plug my mic into.  Sound is great.  Why pay more if I don't have to?  And I love that there's no battery to worry about.

I was reading through this thread because I'm looking for a new mic.  I have about five of those Lab Tecs and just didn't find them to be that good on any laptops compared to the $150 Martel mic.  I had a job with a really loud fan and the Martel just really fell short picking up what I needed.  So I'm looking at that DepoBook stealth mic and any others someone has to recommend.  Also, I see some conversation in here regarding disabling the RealTec sound system.  Could someone tell me more about that? 



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