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I had the Pfizer vaccine, both shots, and other than a sore arm each time, I was fine.  I am of a different opinion about the vaccine, at least the Pfizer one that I personally had, than many of you who are freaked out by the vaccine.  I have heard people's personal experiences of being sick for a day with the Maderna vaccine.  Better than dying from COVID, IMHO, at least for those of us who aren't spring chickens anymore or have other health issues.  If you don't want the vaccine, don't get it.  No one is holding a gun to your head.

My mom had both shots and is fine.  For me, a bit younger, no thanks.

One member left:  Here is her reason why:  Annie M. Roca decided to leave CSRNation. Annie M. Roca included this message:

"A court reporting web site is no place to for your anti vac BS. You are the problem not the solution"

I'm trying to find a solution and understand why.  Wow!!!

Also, there are book group on here, pet group on here, healthy eating group on here, spiritual group on here, so it's not all about court reporting if this Ms. Roca took the time to look.

Sadly, those of us who think the vaccine is a good idea and those of us who don't will probably never have a meeting of the minds; it will just be statements of why it is a good thing or why it is a bad thing.  Seen it before about other issues.  It's human nature.  If you want to find something to back up your point of view, it is easy to find on the Internet either way.

You are probably right.  I just wish the main stream media will be honest and show the true stories, which they won't do.  I've watched tons of super sick people after taking the vaccine.  I bet you've not seen a one because you believe in the vaccine and you are not looking for facts; you just believe what's shoved down your throat by the government.  I just hope for your sake, you are healthy and safe in the end.  :)

I'm going off what I've experienced and all the people I know who have been vaccinated so far. Not a huge subset of the world's population, but it's all been positive except for being sick a day after the Maderna vaccine.  Other people's experiences will be different, and sometimes bad things happen.  For everyone to NOT get the vaccine because, unfortunately some people have a serious complication, does not make sense in my book.  Those who don't want the vaccine don't have to get it.  Free choice, and I'm happy with that.

I totally agree.  I hate the censorship that is happening.  Our freedom of speech is dwindling, sad to say.

For the record, I too will be withdrawing from this site. I had no idea that it was a Qanon conspiracy site. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I was censored because of comments about my own experience with the vaccine, which did not fit the narrative of Kelli. How sad for her. My ancestry dates to the foundation of the country. Fighting with George Washington , as well as serving as the 9th Attorney General of PA. I would not want my name associated with what is being spewed. Good bye and good luck.

I never censored you, Stephen.  Your post is up and very interesting.  Not sure what you are talking about.

I just read on the news that 100 people in Southern California who have been fully vaccinated now have Covid.  I understand that this is similar to the flu shot in that it can't cover all the strains.  I personally feel that there hasn't been enough studies and/or trials to say this is a safe vaccine or not, or even to know how effective it is.  I prefer to wait and see.  I know an elderly man who died of a pulmonary embolism after receiving the vaccine.  I believe that the Covid numbers were incorrect.  Where did the flu and colds go?  Even with inflated numbers, Covid is 99.8 percent survivable.  I'll take my chances! 

That is my biggest concern with the vaccine is that it has been pushed through too quickly.  I'm a wait-and-see person.

Same. I'll take my chances.


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