Just wondering how many of you are getting these recorded calls to lower your credit card interest rates?  They are even calling my cell phone.  I push 1 to talk to someone so I can find out how they got my number and I'm as nice as I can be about it, but they just hang up on me.

When I try to call the number back, can't get through of course.

What happened to the do not call list?  Isn't it working anymore????


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Good question. I don't get solicitations on my cell, thank God.  Tons on my home number.  I don't even answer it anymore.  Crazy.

They have the Do Not Call numbers for home and cell.  Seems to work.

I did the do not call for my cell but it's been a while for at home.  Half the time it doesn't work.

All the time, even the calls about lowering home rates.  Been pushing the number to be removed for three years and still get them.  I just don't answer my home phone or my cell phone anymore.  Do not call does work, but when you talk to the people to be removed, they apologize and tell you it can take up to 60 days, so then you start getting the calls from a different number with the same recording.  I think they probably have like 100 different numbers.  Oh, this week the calls are coming from a cell phone, that's what my home caller I.D. says, about lowering interest rates.


Regarding the one on the credit card, I finally talked to live person asked where they were based out of, their address, phone number.  They hung up on me.  I called my attorney general's office.  They told me it is a scam.
The National Do Not Call Registry expires in three years.  You have to reregister.  I rarely get any solicitations at home and never on my cell.
I have registered and filed complaints with the do not call.................doesn't help.  I've never gotten so many solicitation calls!

Now this weird.........just got another credit card call, pushed 1 to talk to someone.  The same guy answered...........Charles.  Different number but from CA, the other one was from MI and Charles answered.  The first words I said were I was going to report them to the AG's office if they didn't remove my number.  He actually had a conversation with me, said he'd remove my number.

We'll see.................


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