I got the idea from the "View From My Conference Room" discussion to give people the opportunity to have a photograph they have taken featured as the forum background.  The current picture is one that Kelli took from a conference room in San Francisco.  I talked it over with Kelli, and we decided that we would feature one photograph a month.  I think it will be great to see the cities from different parts of the country. 


I've found that some images come through blurry when enlarging them for the background.  If you'd like a photograph to be featured, I'd suggest that you take a couple of photographs just to be sure one of them will work as the background.  If there's a problem with an image, I will let you know.  Just upload your images in reply to this discussion. 


I've taken some great pictures with my iPhone.   I can't wait to see where everyone is working!



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Nice pictures. :-)

The two buildings look great as the backdrop.  This is going to really be cool!!   Thanks for sharing your pictures; they're amazing.


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