Hi. I've been using an amplifier from Radio Shack for an external Mic for my audio sync since it's a very low volume recording with my internal Mic. Does anyone have an idea of where I could find a mic (at a physical store so I can get this weekend) that does a great job of a clear, loud recording? Thanks!

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Sorry, but I have to disagree on the Labtec mikes.

I bought a couple at $7.50 each, shipping included. And the sound quality is commensurate with the price.

I'll continue to use the $150 mikes I bought through Martel. I use one with my laptop and get good quality --and I do a lot of public hearings where I'm often at some distance from the speakers. I usually have a backup mike plugged into my Mira writer, but I have to admit the quality I get there is not as good.

This is the best one I've found, but it does have to be ordered. It's expensive, but I think the audio quality is worth it. Good luck!

Do you still have it, then?
Hi, Kelli, are you selling your mic? If so, I'd like to buy it from you. I've been hesitant to buy the 300 mic bc of the price. But I just bought a Toshiba laptop with Vista, and I can't get my settings right with my mic. I have the one that I bought from Martel that's 149 bucks. I've tried setting the boost and the mic levels, it's still not recording the way I want.

If you can wait a week, they have Labtec microphones on eBay for $7.50 with free shipping.

Here's the link:

There are three different Labtec mics out there that I've found. Labtec Verse 303, Verse 333, and Verse 313. I've used the first two and they seem identical. The third one is even cheaper. I'm going to buy it and compare, but does anyone know the difference between them all?

I've used this Labtec mic. I love it, but it recently died on me. It did last for a good while, though.

I have this Labtec mic that was my backup and now using it as my main mic since the other died. Quality is just as good. I just bought a second one.

I just found this Labtec mic also.
I was and still am a big fan of the Radio Shack Amplified Listener. The one thing I don't like about it is when there is BlackBerry interference, it drowns out the audio. I have now been using the Labtec, which doesn't have a battery, and the BlackBerry interference is minimal. I just ordered another one from the eBay link above. I couldn't believe something so cheap would work so well, but it does.

My current computer does not record super loud. When I am at home editing and listening to the playback I use a Boostaroo. I purchased it at Radioshak. It is an amplifier. It costs about $30. It really works great.

I use the $145 Mic. w/t the battery.

I think the quality of the recording is more dependant on the sound card that's in the computer. Mics. do make some difference. I have never had good luck with the cheaper Mics.
Good luck,
Also use the cheap Labtec mic with no battery. I love it. I have two. I think I'll stock up and buy more just in case. It's a great mic.
Thanks everybody! I bought a new amplifer today because I have an all day doctor tomorrow and just want to make sure I have a back up. My last one just stopped amplifying, but it could have broken. It's hard to tell because I have a new computer. I'm also going to try the Labtec since it's so cheap and see which works better. I really appreciate the advice. :-)
Let us know what you think after trying.
My $300 mic from Martel got a short in it after six months. I had purchased the Labtec "cheap" mic for backup. To my utter amazement, it works much better than the $300 malfunctioning rig. I also have used the RadioShack Amplified Listener and it is super!
As far as that annoying BlackBerry interference, RadioShack to the rescue again.
Pkg. of 2 Snap Choke Core, Item Nos. 273-0069 and 273-0067. Obscenely inexpensive. Just snap the slightly larger one on your computer power cord and the other two on your headphone cord and amplifier cord. What BlackBerries??!! Very important issue to address. I actually had a witness accept a call right next to my computer (BlackBerry Curve) and the d#*mn thing gave my computer the snowflakes, blue screen, and "dumping physical memory" alert. Everything was okay, but I could have shot her right there, since she did this after I had asked that all BlackBerries be shut down. I understand this problem will only get worse when the new 4Gs hit the market. Hope this helps. I love these forums and have never been much a contributor, but there are much less expensive solutions out there for our needs and we should inform others about it!


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