I am Looking for a product that is comparable to Etranscript or RealLegal. Is there anything out there new or used?




is anyone aware if even if such an animal exists.


I have an older version of RealLegal/Etranscript which I paid a lot of money for and the company will no longer support.


I do not know the exact price, but I had someone from my office call and they wanted something along the lines of $175/mo.   We did not get any follow-up info in the mail, although we were told that we would receive it.


I would be interested in purchasing an older version or if there's a competing version that I'm not aware of, please, if someone wants to be a good samaritan and enlighten me, you would make a new friend.


Thank you so much.


Chuck Carmody


or feel free to call tollfree

at (877) 646-2599

Local 215-646-2599






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That's strictly for a full size pdf of a transcript or any document.

I have been told that if you have Windows 7, you can somehow open a "virtual computer" on your new computer with older versions of Windows so you can open older programs.  I don't have Windows 7, so I don't know how to do that, but if you have a computer-savvy person show you how to do it, you should be able to use your older program on your current computer.  You can also use OTEConline.com to get an etran for $10 each.

Kind of late, but there was a product on the market a while back called E-bundler.  I tried it and liked it but didn't really have a client base to use it for.   Don't know if they're still around.  But it was something like $300 upfront and $40/year after that!  Probably went belly up!


pdf-it is the way people are going now.  But if you have e-trans why purchase a new program?
I didn't renew my subscription with Real legal this year.  They quoted me $131.00 a month for whatever it is I wanted.  Didn't need all of the bells and whistles.  I couldn't work it into my budget so bought the Min-U-Script program.  Now I hear that individual conversions are up to $35.00 per conversion for a PTX file through Real Legal.  Sucks

Amazing!  Can't open this page under Firefox or Safari!  Both browsers were identified as "Netscape."

Yeah, that's some fine coding there.

That's interesting, Glen, that you can only get there through Internet Explorer.  That's what I use, so I didn't know there was an issue.


Were you able to open the page?

I could have, if I were to start VMWare Fusion and run IE, but I shouldn't have to do that.

I think the problem lies with the company using Microsoft technologies for their website.

When I was in that year-long Web Design and Development program all those years ago, they taught us XHTML, which all browsers could read.  Microsoft thought that the standards put out by the WC3 (that's "World Wide Web Consortium") weren't good enough, so they designed their own, which only developers using MS development tools (and Windows) can use.

Since I have a Mac and try to use Windows as little as possible, I try to stick with the standards.

In the "Mildly Interesting" department, I had a chance to take a course in web development at one of our local community colleges.  Thought it might be good to update my rusty skills.

Turned out that they were going to teach me those same Microsoft technologies I would not be able to use on my then-Windowless Mac ... so I passed on that.

Sorry about the rant!  :oP

OMG Janet, I had no idea it had gone up so much.  Ridiculous
Debbie, The sad story is that an individual conversion is up to - are you sitting down?! - $60!!!!  i went to do an individual one (after canceling my subscription when it went up to $130/month) and at the end when they were ready to collect payment and it said $60 i though, wow, did i order two of these?  Called the company, told them they know as well as I do that it's highway robbery and the company will NEVER get another dime out of me! They claim the rise in price has to do with the support their servers need to even use that anymore.  Yeah, like I bought that heap of sh*t he was trying to sell!


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