I just wanted to share something.  I got into something around July 4th that gave me an awful rash on my arms and upper chest.  It looked like the poison ivy rash I got a few years ago and had to take prednisone to get rid of as it got systemic.  I'm pretty sure this current rash is something I'm ingesting or possibly some cosmetic item.  Not environmental.

So I got my doc to give me some prednisone.  Took a bit to even start working on this rash.  I am titrating off the prednisone now.  Had a little rash reaction this morning, but not bad.  I'm paying close attention to what I'm eating or using that may be causing it to still rear it's head.  Going to be working with someone this weekend of muscle testing several items.

What's really blowing my mind is that NOTHING hurts anywhere.  No muscle pain, no upper back, low back, neck pain or muscle pain.  I don't get really bad pain, just consistent low grade aches that definitely get worse when I eat certain things.  I definitely do the best on a paleo diet (which excludes all dairy, beans and grains.)  But I'm not convinced that that is the best/healthiest diet for today's humans.  Just saw a great documentary available on DVD through Netflex streaming on Amazon Prime.   Called "The Perfect Human Diet."  Very interested science and data they present on why the caveman diet is the best.

Well, I'm not going to live on prednisone the rest of my life and while Celebrex is easier on the stomach than the other NSAIDS, it's quite expensive and I don't want to live on that either to stay pain and inflammation free.  In all honesty, I have not gotten through an entire month of eating really clean yet (no grains or dairy or sugar - except a piece of high quality dark chocolate a day) so I am going to do that and see what level of inflammation and pain I have.  Could be that getting one's gut really really healthy would help one tolerate some currently offending foods better.  

I just wanted to share this and would appreciate everyone's thoughts and feedback.

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Is that why I'm feeling so much better today?   I had a CT scan yesterday.  I'm allergic to the contrast dye, so I had to do a steroid prep.  I had 15 Prednisone tablets yesterday.  Today I really feel good with no pain.  Until I saw your post, I didn't connect it to the Prednisone. 


It sounds like we have similar issues, Kerry.

Prednisone has MAJOR anti-inflammatory effects, among its other uses.

Prednisone is great stuff.  I struggle with atopic dermatitis and it is horrible at times.  I could struggle with it for six months and have rashes and practically every part of my body, and finally go to the doctor and get a prednisone shot, and it will be totally gone within three days.  Unfortunately, doctors do not like to give it, and it's destructive to some of your organs with long-term usage.

Yes, unfortunately long-term usage of it is very bad for you, as are other drugs.  I know sometimes people have a health condition that they must be on a drug for the rest of their life to function.  But my preference is always to seek a natural alternative if there's one that works.  I am really on a mission here to try and find a way to keep most, if not all, inflammation out of my body.  Saves a lot of money not having to see the chiro all the time.  I think the chronic low level inflammation is causing me to need the chiropractic adjustments.  Makes the joints stiff so they don't move freely and get stuck.

I have the same thing going on with inflammation, Kerry.  I've been adjusting my diet to try to reduce the inflammation.  I agree with you about seeking natural remedies.  That's my preference too.


Well, I can tell you for sure that grains, all grains, even gluten free, are a major culprit.  Personally, I don't think humans should be eating grains, even whole grains.  I'm still looking into that.  But if we are supposed to have them, the whole grains, it should be in much smaller quantities than lots of people advocate.  And yes, it is very tough to give them up.

Did you happen to change your fabric dryer sheets/laundry detergent? New bath soaps/ lotions? My mom changed the dryer sheets on us when I was little, and I broke out in a nasty allergic rash. Went back to good ol' Bounce, and I was fine again.  :)

No.  I'm fairly certain it is a food or possibly a cosmetic (makeup or lotions/cream).   Most likely a food.  It's rare that I ever react to things like laundry soap.  No environmental things either, except some weeds can make me itchy and definitely poison ivy.  And I haven't used any new cosmetic stuff for a long while, so if it's that, then it's a new allergy I developed.

I've never used dryer sheets.  Who needs those chemicals?  Here's a better choice:


As far as the prednisone, better to not know how good it makes us feel!  There's a whole load of anti-inflammatory foods.  Start here:


Boost your immunity and heal yourself with these tasty, natural anti-inflammatory foods


Good info on the dryer balls Marge.

I already eat those top ten.  That's not doing it unless I figure out what else I can't have besides grains, soy, nuts (except pine nuts and walnuts) and eggs. 

I'm pretty sure this recent case of rash is something I've newly become more allergic to or just plain allergic to now.

Kerry, if there's any chance that it could be laundry detergent, consider using Econuts.  I USE THEM!!!  They're fantastic.  Here's what I bought, which I believe will be the total I spend for 10 years of laundry!

Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap, 360-Load Box   $24.50     

NaturOli Soap Nuts Wash Bags (Set of 3) Large, Extra-heavy-duty, Muslin, Double-Draw. UNPRINTED! No inks to come off in your wash.  by NaturOli         $4.90

They're a soapberry and it's used like a bar of soap:  until it is used up.  They're reusable until they disintegrate.  I put .5 ounces in each bag and use 2 bags per load.  I prefer to use "ounces per bag" rather than "number of berries per bag" because it's impossible to figure out how many soapberry pieces equals a whole.  And as you use them, you get more pieces.      Laundry smells good and is clean.  No more lugging home and then recyling laundry detergent containers!



I know it's not soap..............and it's definitely not the pure no perfumes, dyes, etc. in the soaps I use. 


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