As somebody told me today, don't put your laptop in your car for any length of time.  The heat will kill the processor.  As he said, that's why computers have the fans in the back.


The little smarty told me you can get a macbook off ebay at dirt cheap prices (because the newer versions come out and the older ones are sold at low prices).

I did go on to Amazon today to look at laptops and some of those prices were pretty good.

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Yes, electronics in cars for any time other than going from place to place, totally NG from a heat and potential theft point of view.

Ebay, I bought I a ThinkPad there many years ago and then dealt with the seller directly (Bob Bogutsky) for many years until his unfortunate death last year.  Actually I think I've bought 2 ThinkPads on ebay.   Very good experiences.

I bought my last ASUS Zenbook on eBay.  Nice experience.  I'd go there again, no problem.

I also let a girlfriend of mine use one of my computers that had Livenote Streaming on it.  She left it in her car and her car got broken into and my computer got stolen.  That will teach me to loan out my equipment for sure.

Oh, my, Kelli, your friend is a real idiot.  Wow!

You can get an app to locate a laptop.  I don't know what it is, but it's possible.

Extreme temperature and water are two major enemies of electronic equipment.

I left my laptop in the trunk in the Sacramento heat one summer when it was 100+ degrees out. Fried my computer. Turned it on and there were lines all up and down on the screen.  The whole computer just croaked within the next couple weeks. And it was a really good computer too. Nothing worse than being mad at yourself. :/

Hi, Quyen,

How is it going?


Hi, Janiece.

I'm doing great! Thanks. :)

How are you?

Things are going well.  It's been a busy year.  Spring is cold so far weather-wise, but the weatherman says this weekend will be perfect.

Glad to you know are doing well.

Janiece :-)

I rarely stop anywhere with my equipment in the car - perhaps my mailbox service, the post office, dry cleaning, etc. Even when I do that and during travel to and from depos in Southern California (where stuff could fry just caught in traffic), I spread out one of those reflective shades made for the windshield over the stuff in my trunk. It helps a lot - like reflective insulation in an attic.

When I was attending my state's one and only B&M school, I would place my writer's case standing upright in the front seat, with the shoulder strap over the back of the seat, and I would place my laptop's case on top of the writer, and drape its shoulder strap over the back of the seat.

I didn't want to risk putting it into the rear of the car (I have a hatchback). I mean, when if someone runs into me? There goes both my writer and my laptop.

No, thanks!

I remember a reporter said she had her writer in the back of her car while on the way to a job, and (you guessed it ...) she got rear-ended.

Her writer appeared to be fine, but when she got to the job, it wasn't acting quite right ... so lesson learned, I guess.

As far as the heat issue, thankfully, up here in the Pacific North Well, it rarely gets that hot (knock wood) so I haven't had to deal with that, personally.

Like they used to say on "Hill Street Blues," "Lets be careful out there!"

With some of those writers costing $4,000, it might be a good idea to put it in the front passenger seat and use a seatbelt on it.


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