I have a very old HP laser printer, the kind that takes the big toner cartridges.  It's not working perfectly and I either need to repair it or replace it.  I'm wondering what everyone is using these days. 


We have a small home color printer for fun things, photos, kids' homework, etc., but that won't cut it for transcripts. Too slow, sucks up the ink, and the ink isn't 'waterproof'.


I'm wondering what everyone is using these days to print their transcripts.  Thanks!

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Gwen, when I buy printers I look at the price of the toner and the speed of the printer and how many pages you can get out of the toner cartridge.  That is going to be important to you b/c you print your own transcripts so that is an expense for you.  My current printer is old but it is a Lexmark T522.  It prints 30 pages a minute.  The toner cost is not bad at all and the toner lasts forever, but I don't print my transcripts, my office does that.  I just print them at home when I'm proofing things.

I did repair this printer about 2 or 3 years ago.  I think I spent $300 to fix it and it was totally worth it.  When i bought this printer new like 7 or 8 years ago I think it was like $700.  At that point in time I had to print my own originals so I needed a heavy duty printer.

This printer is just black and white.

If I bought a new one, I would get one that is wireless.

Hey Gwen,


I use a Toshiba estudio200L at the moment - it scans 60 pages per minute and prints about 28.  I'm planning on upgrading to a newer model.  I purchased it about six years ago and I'm running it ragged.  The next model I purchase will be a Toshiba as well, but it will have the capacity to scan/print in color (I will turn off the color printer). 

I also have a HP LaserJet 4100 for trannies as well. 


Good luck,

Judy (Leonard) DeAlba, a fellow theory student in Ms. Chavez's class...

Well, shoot, now I have too many to choose from.  I am horrible with decisions and choices.

Judy, I'm just now going back and jotting down all the recommended printers and noticed your name!  I missed that before.  How the heck are you?  I remember you well!  I'm up in Washington State now.  We moved here in 2001. 


Which of  your two printers do you like the best and which was the least expensive?  Would you recommend one over the other?

I'm in my 35th year of reporting - and my second printer.  I hung onto my HP LaserJet III as long as I could and when it finally bit the dust got an HP LaserJet V, refurbished, for about $300.  So far I've had it about five years with very few problems.  The old ones are real workhorses.  When I do have to have to have it worked on, the techs always sing its praises.  My next printer will also be a used HP LaserJet!
I have a HP laserjet 5 also.  I think I bought it 20 years ago.  I've never had it serviced!!!   I guess I'll keep using it until it dies.  It doesn't print as fast as the new ones but fast enough.   I have a smaller one I keep at the agency.  It's an HP, too.
I ended up with a little wireless HP laserjet Professional P1102w.  It was $100 and works like a charm.  Super easy to set up, very small and portable - I love it!  I may at some point attempt to get that big old HP laserjet repaired.  Not sure.  I live in an area where getting stuff like that done is not easy.


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