Does anyone have a brief for "relating to"?
I came up with REALGT, but it's kind of a finger twister for me.
thank you!

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Hmmm, how about RAILGT or RAOLGT. That's still going to be a twister, though. For me, I would still need the LGT in there somewhere. I just came up with a brief for myself! Thanks.
I'm jealous! No, I know what you mean, I kind of have to have the LGT in there so it makes sense to me, too. Okay, well, then also, there is related to and relate to. Those three kept coming up today. So, any ideas on how you would do those?
ETA Oh, I just found another one I'm tired of writing out: independent contractor. How about a brief for that?
How about RAOELTD for related to and RAILT for relate to? I'm stumped on independent contractor as I don't hear that too frequently. Make sure you join Brief Club, too, because you'll get some good feedback there, too.
How about SPW-RKT, the first part of independent and last part of contractor?

I don't have any of the relate phrases. I'll have to think about those.
relating to ROELGT

I write relate RELT. Tucked -G for -ing and initial O for the to.

related to ROELTD

Great idea on "independent contractor," Brenda. Not a familiar phrase in my jurisdiction, although I'm married to a general contractor. :)

I write "independent" IPD

contract KR-T
contractor KR-RT
contracted KR-TD
contracting KR-GT
contraction KR-BGS
general contractor - SWRKERGKT is how I have it in my dix. :)
Well, Brenda, I think going along with your "independent contractor," G-RKT makes sense.

So you want to know what the radio said about Portland today??

They have the least amount of road rage per capita in the U.S. Miami was No. 1.

It was Mark and Brian. They couldn't say enough nice things about Portland and the wonderful people who live there.

From two L.A. guys, that's a pretty nice compliment.

I was thinking about you the whole time and also thinking how much I agreed with their impression.

Guess I should have stuck this on your page, Brenday!!

I really want to visit Portland this next year.
Oh, we really want you to visit too! Summer is a good time to visit.

I suggested SPW-RKT for independent contractor because I use SPW as my ind/int/end/ent sound. So independent is SPW-PT.
How about either *EUBG or AO*EUBG for independent contractor?.
Okay, I've been playing around and here's what I decided, 'cause I really don't like the GT stroke, so I try to avoid it when I can.
relating to = TRAOELG (kinda like a stacked "relating" and "to")
related to = TRAOELD
relate to = TRAOELT

Brenda, I like the independent contractor! Only I made it SPWR-K, and I think that wil do the trick for me. Thank you!
Good way to avoid the dread -GT, Grace! :)


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