I visit this great site every day but over the last few days I have been put off reading things due to the pure dark theme. Maybe it's just me but it's really not easy on the eye having to squint to see some of the print.

I did look to see if I could change it but, other than on my own page, I couldn't see a solution. If I have missed it, please feel free to tell me I am an idiot!

Hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


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I think the color theme is seasonal change for us.

I don't know if you have ever tried this before, but somebody shared this tip with me not so long ago, and I love it.

If you hold down your CONTROL key, and hit the "+" (plus) key on your keyboard, the letters get bigger.

You can also hold down the CONTROL key, and move the scroll thingie on your mouse forward and backwards, which will also change the size of the font.

I like change sometimes. It will be snow white again before you know it. :-)
Thank you, Jennie!

It's not actually the size of the font which is causing the problem. It is the colour, mainly the grey on the main page. However, I will try your suggestions.

I like change too but I think my eyes are just getting old.

As to snow white, don't even mention it - Scotland has been under tons of the stuff for a fortnight!
Hey, Jennie, thanks for the tip on making the font larger. My eyes are getting worse every day. I need all the help I can get!!
Is there a way to make the text become small again if you have hit the CONTROL key and the "+" key and then you want it to be the size it was before?
Yes, Janiece. Hold down the CONTROL key and hit the "-" (minus) sign. You should then be back to normal.

I like holding down the CONTROL key and using the scroll feature of the mouse too.
Thank you!!!!
It is just for New Years'. I will change it back.
Thank you, Kelli.

Don't worry. I am just being grumpy!
I can't read it very easily....makes me go cross-eyed:) I like the way it was recently, very simple and easy to read...kind of like Facebook. Happy New Year!
Thank you, Kelli. The new theme is just great on my old eyes!
I have to say I get bored looking at the same old page. I just try to mix it up a bit. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. You can see what I have to work with under "appearance" on settings on your own page.

I think I like the blue one that I had before the best. Just trying to keep in interesting.
I like that it changes. It does make it interesting!! Plus, colors and music are, like, my world. Couldn't be happy without them:D


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