Is anyone else really slow in the depo field right now? 

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You know what, Kathleen, it's because all the kids are out of school for the summer.  They're just getting back to school so things are going to start really picking up, you mark my words. I absolutely know it.

Thanks Kelly,


     I was beginning to think I was going to have to sell my son, my dog, or my husband on eBay!!!!

Kathleen, don't worry. I've been feeling the same way lately. I've been forced to do housework, laundry, the whole bit, just to keep busy until the lull subsides. I've been asking myself why I'm doing this instead of working in an office or something, and I keep coming back to the fact that I love it. So I'll keep plugging along...

Cathy Houser
CaseCATalyst Scopist/StenoCAT Scopist - 28 years!

I am extremely slow.  I only had one job offer this month, which I had to turn down because I'm having some health issues, but now that I'm ready to work, I haven't had any luck.

Hi Rosalie,


     So sorry about the health issues.  Hope everything is now okay. 

Thank you, Kathleen.  They are still trying to adjust the medicine that I'm on to make sure the right dosage, but if everything goes okay, I will only have to be on the meds for six months.

Depos are a lot more fun anyways.  Good luck.

I'm glad someone brought this up!

I've only had about four jobs all month, and short.  Several that I was given that cancelled.

I know July and August are slower, but this is the slowest summer I think I've ever had, especially for

being so slammed from February through May this year, turning down tons of work.

Kelli, do you really think it will get a lot busier in September?

Hey Kelli,

    So sorry for spelling your name wrong earlier!!!! 


July was very slow for me.  August picked up.  I find it usually slows down around holidays.  Labor Day is coming.  Usually it is busy right before the holiday and then people go on vacation.

Hey, there Janis.

Yes, I work in the Bay Area, too.   I have mostly worked five days a week this year  and get calls from other agencies on a regular basis for jobs (which I don't take).   I think 2012 will be the best year I've had in a long time.   Just this week though I've had a few days off, which is unusual but nice.   I think I work too hard sometimes anyway. 

Jan, I know who you are, of course.   I'm glad you're busy.  


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