I'm using ICVnet for my realtime.  What software are you using to stream?

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I'm  not sure if it works with the Kindle.  I do think it works with a lot of the tablets, Samsung Galaxy, Android platform.

Kelli, because Washington DC has something in the air (Homeland Security) that causes our Internet to go down, even secure connections in law firms, in downtown Washington DC, realtime over the Internet is a roll of the dice.  I didn't know you knew Steve.  Yes, he IS a very nice guy.  It's a wonder he didn't get you on it right away!

He tried, but I am stuck in my ways.  When something works, it takes a while for me to change it.  I'm testing a beta version for him to where you can be on the Internet and still using the router for realtime in the room.  I was thinking for expedites, using Connection Magic, you have to be online for that.  I tried it at home but have not done it on a job yet.  My job is RT on Monday, so I'll try to see if it works.

Hi, Kelli,

I am not on Eclipse, but I have a friend who is and is using Connection Magic and they really like it.

Yeah, I have a girlfriend that really likes it.  I haven't used it yet.  Pretty cool idea.  At first, they were having a bunch of problems; i.e., the audio not tracking with the transcript.  They've fixed all those problems, though.  

I need to find a scopist that knows how to do it.  Some scopists don't have a clue.   You'd only use it for expedites, though.

The only problem my friend mentioned is if the scopist gets too close to where the reporter is writing, then the audio is not as good.  As long as the scopist is not right on top of the reporter, my friend is very happy with it.

Oh, good to know.  I need to try it out soon.  Technology has come a long way!!

I can remember when I didn't even have a computer and just dictated everything.  LOL

I just found out today that you can stream realtime through Eclipse Connection Magic on any attorney's computer.  They just have to go to their browser and type in Connect.eclipsecat.com or something close to that and then put in the name of your file and a password and they bet a Bridge Mobile feed.  

Figures I just find this out after I just purchased LiveDeposition. 

I think the LiveDeposition interface is more stable depending on whether you're using Connection Magic via LAN or internet.

My girlfriend uses it all the time, Connection Magic, that is and she just uses her Verizon MIFI card to connect to the internet and that's it.  She's good to go.


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