HI CSRnation. I want to become a CSR and I have a choice of a few good schools in the Los Angeles and Orange County area. I'm not sure what makes one school better than another. My choices are: Downey Adult School, Cerritos College, Cypress College, and Tri-Community in Covina. I can't afford a private school right now.
If you have an opinion would you kindly explain why you make that recommendation. Thank you for your help.

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Hi Christie -
Thank you so much for your input. I have a friend who says Downey is a better school, but she can't explain why. I'm leaning toward Cerritos but I'm not sure why. Your input does help very much. Thanks
Hi, Yvonne:

I'm a student at Cerritos and love it. The teachers here are great and are always there to help the students out and are very informative. If you search for Cerritos College on here, you will see quite a few students, and I'm sure they will all have good things to say about Cerritos, too. Also, Cerritos has a lot of helpful material to practice both in the lab and in the school library. I hope this has helped you out a little. But like a few people have said, all the schools are good.
Check out the other two schools, too. My son went to Cypress, and I feel he came out of school being very well prepared.

Tri-Community teaches StenEd theory. While it's not my favorite, I personally feel it's a better theory than what's being taught at the other three schools.

Bet that's going to start a little commotion here. :)
I think Downey and Tri-Community are dirt cheap, too. I know the only thing I thought that was expensive about Cypress was paying for an apartment.

Oh, and I forgot to tell Yvonne that I don't think it's a negative that she has to go to a public school. I personally think it's the best way to go.
Oh, and, Christie, I can't wait.

Should have been here this week. My attorneys were FLYING!!

I just got to say it's a very good thing I write SHORT.

We really are so lucky living where we do!! (Even though the OCers call us "the dirt people." :)

I am a very proud JC graduate, if you couldn't already tell.


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