I talked to a reporter last Friday and told her I had seen her at a deposition a while back and I noticed that her machine was slanted downward.  She said it saved her career writing like this. 


I thought I might try it.  I was wondering if anyone else writes like this:

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If anyone is wondering if I am stupid, I do know what synovial fluid in the joints is - dealt with it plenty in my knees in one car accident.  I guess I never had to think about whether or not I would have wonderful moving and painless function in my fingers or my wrists (however, my right wrist doesn't always agree with my statement).

I have a pretty intense patent infringement case tomorrow, so I was going to put that box under the tripod like you see in the picture to make it slant even more and see how that works for me.  The problem is my job tomorrow is realtime and I'm not used to writing with my hands facing that direction.  Hope I catch on real quick.....

I have had a tilting tripod for years.  I bought one from somewhere, forget where, and used it for years with my Smartwriter.  I always said if I'd had one in school, maybe I wouldn't have had to have carpal tunnel surgery my first year out.  Then I used the one for the Mira.  I don't like that the Diamante doesn't tilt as much as the Mira so I am using my Mira tripod on my Diamante.  I never thought of putting something under the leg.  I will try that tomorrow.  Kelly, if you look at the bottom of the Diamante, there is a metal plate that unscrews and then you can use a more tilting tripod.

I did not know that.  Does that mean that the writer won't tilt if you take the plate off, though?

Can someone please explain to me how tilting the writer backwards like shown in the picture helps????

I have a tilting tripod, but I tilt it and the writer a little towards me.............I can't imagine that tilting it

backwards like that would be better???

Kerry, if your writer is tilted towards your body, and your wrists are slightly bent so your knuckles/fingertips are more up towards the sky than down towards the floor, that is not good for your wrists.

No, it means that won't affect it.  The tilting part is UNDER that plate.  If you take the plate off, you can use the Mira tripod and make it tilt more.

Well, today I wrote with a slant to the Diamante the way it normally is.  I also have that wrist pillow on my lap like Jenny has and it went well.  My wrists didn't hurt all that bad today, considering my witness was a chatter-box; those techy guys always seem to have a lot to say.  I want to try tomorrow slanting even more and see how it goes - may try the box under the tripod leg and see what I think.  Never know.... 

Only problem is I have three hookups tomorrow.  I better figure out fast if it will work for me......

Hope it does work tomorrow!  Whatever you do, don't tip your writer over!!!

Looking at your picture, it looks like maybe a styrofoam block might be a good thing to use.  You could maybe carve out a slot for the foot so it wouldn't slip.

Well, I tried it today and I really like it.  I also have a lumbar pillow on my lap and I rest my wrists on that and still have my wrists slanted down now.  I had a pretty long day today and I don't feel all that bad.  I put some coasters that were at the job under my tripod leg today because I didn't want it slanted as much as is shown in this picture but just a little more.

Glad to hear it worked out for you, Kelli!  The slight adjustment was a lifesaver for me :)


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