hi guys. you have been so helpful. can you please tell me how you write out your years? right now, I am doing stuff like 1996 in three strokes. any easier way? thanks. t.

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I was wondering about that too.  Before CAT it was easy.  Although my writing is cleaner and my dictionary is getting bigger and better, my years are NEVER translated. 


So how we write years?

Hi, I picked up a little trick from someone a long time ago for the '90s.  Add the "I" (EU) to create the following

EU-6 = 1996, EU-7 = 1997, and so on.

4-EU = 1994, 5-EU - 1995, et cetera


For the 2000s, I use the following

TWAO = 2000, TWON = 2001 (add asterisk for abbreviated) TW*ON = '01, TWA*OT = '02, and on down the line.

TWAOT = 2002, TWAOE = 2003, TWOUR = 2005, TWAIOF = 2005, TWIX = 2006, TWEFN = 2007, TWAIT = 2008, TWAOIN = 2009, TWEN = 2010, TWEF = 2011, TWEFL = 2012. 




rebecca. thanks so much. i will print this out for future use. t.

You're welcome!  Hopefully you can get some use out of it.  I mostly use the number bar, but I do use the keyboard for the words one through ten. 


I also have a very weak right pinky, and could never write 19 (1#9) on my steno machine and get it to come out right, so I also devised NAOEN for the number 19.  It really helps for the numbers I don't have briefs for. 




#1 -Z = 2001
#2-Z = 2002
#3-Z = 2003
#4-Z = 2004
you hit the A key and the asterisk and the Z key = 2005
K - #6 = 2006
K - #7 = 2007
K - #8 = 2008
K - #9 = 2009

These are sooo fast, boom it's there.
(The "#" indicates I am using the number bar.)

This is how I'm doing my years.  I got this from Janet.  



2010   =   TWEPB

2011   =   TWEFPB

2012  =    TWELT

2013  =    TWERT

2014  =    TWOURT

2015  =    TWEFT

2016  =    TW-X

2017  =   TW-FPB

2018  =   TWAEPB

2019  =   TW-PB

2020  =   TW-NT

For 1999 and down I did them in two strokes.  I'm sure there is a faster way.


thanks all, i really appreciate all this information. will definitely incorporate it.
Dang.  I'm glad we asked.  This is wonderful.


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