Is there an app or some aspect of the iPhone that's helped you in your work, share it here.

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I haven't used it yet, but my friend Yvette Heinz told me about this neato app that records. It's called iTalk. You have to download the software onto your computer first (click here). Then download it onto your iPhone through the App Store.

Yvette says she keeps her phone plugged into her computer at a depo and leaves it on the table and hits record. Makes for a nice audio backup. Might also come in handy if you get into an accident to catch the guy saying, "Oh, I'm so sorry. It was all my fault."
Ooh, supersmart, Yvette! I should try that instead of my Post-it notes all over my laptop.
Marla, First let me say that I am soooo jealous of all you gals and guys with iPhones! It's my dream to one day be able to afford one myself! I mean, it will save me from puchasing: a GPS system, a digital recorder, a new cell phone (Mine is a Tracfone, pay as you go!), and on and on and on! Anyway, such is the life of a single mom of a 10-year-old receiving no child support, but we're going to court soon! Yea!

Anyway, enough about my jealousy and life story........ My friend who is an official in a civil district court purchased an iPhone for himself and his mom (what a son, right?) and when he takes voir dire, he simply takes his iPhone and sets it on the railing in front of him closest to the venire panel and it records everything. Then, he simply takes it back to his office, places it next to his computer, and the sound recording is right with his notes/real time! It was the coolest thing when he showed it to me! He can hit on any spot in his transcript and that iPhone recording is right there playing along. No foot pedal, no fast-forwarding/rewinding. Nothing. It simply uses (I think) the Bluetooth technology and goes wirelessly from his iPhone to his laptop. It was awesome! I wanted to pass it along to you so you can figure out that wonderful function on your new iPhone! It's absolutely the coolest of the cool!

One day, I, too, will have an iPhone!!!!! One day....................... But until then, I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy that iPhone of yours!

Oh, yeah, and one other really cool note! His mom is elderly, 85, and is having some dementia problems, so he has programmed her picture, etc., in his phone and all she has to do is hit the send button on her phone and it calls him immediately with a 911 saying exactly where she is located and then he can call her and see what the emergency is, or if she does not answer, he can go to wherever she is located or send help to wherever it is she's at. It's sort of like a Lifeline system. NEAT! Really neat! I definitely have to have one by the time my son is driving! It is an awesome mini-computer and even more!!!!

Oh, my, am I long-winded or what? He also told me that the digital recorder has an unlimited recording capability because once he sets it by his computer, he can store the recording on another source; i.e., SD card, CD, whatever, for backup purposes, then it's ready to record whatever comes at him next. I tell you it was the neatest demo I've ever seen! A true court reporter's dream gadget!
I love that there is a group for Iphones and how it can benifit Court Reporters at work. I recently got an Iphone and absolutely love it! there are always great new apps coming out. I wanted to know more info about the recording. The Iphone has comes with a moricophone that records well. but what is the mircophne that your friend used and it was real time with his transscript? was that an appl he downloaded, If so, what is it called? I would love to know more info about that.

Also does anyone know if it is possible to use your phone to plug into the machine to use as an audio back-up? where I can be out, plug my phone into the machine and my earphones into my phone and listen in write? I had a situation today where I was stuck in the emergency room all day with my son and was tryna figure out , how could I have done a job here instead of cancelling them? (p.s. it was a phone depo)

On your first topic with the guy who recorded voir dire, I'm trying to understand how when he brought it back to his office, the audio would be right with his notes.  I may not be making sense here.  I'm sorry.  I understand the recording part, but when you said that he could touch anywhere in the transcript and the audio would be right there with it.  I'm not following that so much.  Sorry to be difficult here, just trying to understand.4

I could hook up my laptop with my old phone from T-Mobile, their MDA. But Apple won't let you. Stinks. They are going to start offering it, but I heard there was going to be a monthly charge. Might as well get a broadband card.

My iPhone doesn't last long enough to record all day, so I assumed you kept it plugged in. If your iPhone goes to sleep and the screen goes blank, will it continue recording?
Because I am so reachable via either email or phone, I can respond quickly to job offers. And I can do so without having a conversation that will disturb other people around me who are workin.
Ran out of the house the other day without synching my phone, which used to be a problem - until THE IPHONE!! :) I checked my email, which had the job info in pdf format. No problem. iPhone can open pdfs. Opened it up, read the address, entered it in the GPS on the iPhone - blammo - not only do I now know where I'm going, but I also know what the traffic is like on the way. I'm sooo crushin' on my phone right now.
Hi, Everybody! I'm fairly new to the forum -- joined quite awhile ago but became reinterested with this new format. It's so much easier to read.

I have an iPhone, too, and love it! Got it after calling an attorney's office for directions while lost in a bad part of town and was told just to stop and ask someone. Wasn't going to do that. Now I use GPS for my current location and Google Maps to get where I need to go. Can't tell you how much help it is.

Have never used it to record. Those who have, do you use a microphone attached to it or just as it is?
I use the free iTalk application, and it records quite nicely without an external mike attached. I use it as a backup. You can upload the files to your computer as well, so you should be able to sync it with your steno.

My external mike I usually use with my computer (the Martel USB mike) recently broke, and I didn't realize it until the end of the day. Luckily it was a videotaped depo, though I can't stand listening to the tapes through my dictaphone. So I played the audio tapes and sat my iPhone on top of the speaker, recorded it with iTalk, then converted the file type to a .wav file using this Audio to Video Wav Converter program (which was only like $25), then synced it with my Eclipse file. Worked great. Well, it was a little quiet, so I used my Boostaroo when I played it back which helped tremendously.
Thanks, Marla. That's interesting. I'll have to try that.

What Audio to Video Wav converter program did you use?

I'm on Eclipse, too. Did it sync up and stay synced as you edited or did you have to adjust the timecodes constantly?
I had to play with the time codes a few times. Wasn't that bad, though. Here's the program that I downloaded and bought (click here).


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