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In my days of court reporting school .....

Well, the way we were always taught at my school in CA was certainly effective for me; however, I also practiced an average of six to eight…

Started by Lori Parness

1 Nov 6, 2009
Reply by Christine Grucci

How to get from 76% accuracy to 98% in 5 weeks - at 160wpm!

Hello! I'm only on 160 wpm, but I need to pass two 160 tests at 98% accuracy. Anyone got any ideas on how I can do this? How much practis…

Started by diamante girl

5 Oct 23, 2009
Reply by Stephanie W., CSR, RPR, CRR, CRC

I Probably Should Not Admit This...

...but I actually thought this group was a gathering of Tom Selleck fans. I thought, Geez, that guy was okay, but I don't want to join that…

Started by Janet

18 Oct 2, 2009
Reply by Dale


Hi, Mark, Of course I haven't read every single discussion here, so maybe you've already addressed this. I am trying to improve my number…

Started by Lorna Brodie

17 Oct 1, 2009
Reply by kathy - iamwrdsmth

This program is fantastic!

Greetings: It's the end of my third week in the MUB, and I am certain that it is improving my speed! Mark's techniques for speedbuilding d…

Started by Cathryn Bauer

4 Sep 12, 2009
Reply by Cathryn Bauer

Mark's briefing method...

Just wanted to sing some praises here. I went through another spell of feeling frustrated with attempting to learn way too many new briefs…

Started by Mike Rowell

5 Sep 8, 2009

How does Magnum Steno Club work?

Is there somewhere on this site to explain to me how the Magnum Steno Club works? I'm interested in knowing what time of the day the dictat…

Started by Kar

5 Aug 20, 2009
Reply by Glen Warner

Small-Word Phrases

I've been wanting to get a discussion started on the small-word phrases, so it is easily accessible here -- i.e., not buried on page 30, et…

Started by Tami

33 Aug 13, 2009

dictionary building..

I started with a StenEd dictionary with something like 68,000 entries, and I'm wondering what some of you did to incorporate inflected endi…

Started by Mike Rowell

8 Jul 31, 2009
Reply by Ian Dawson

Staying on top of speaker vs trailing behind speaker

I hope this makes some sense, but here goes... If one writes as fast as a speaker, given the contextual nature of the english language, as…

Started by Gary Wolpow

12 Jul 23, 2009
Reply by Erik Olson


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