My husband and I came across this amazing, relatively new winery in Dundee Hills in Oregon called Four Graces. They only do three kinds of wine (pinot noir, pinot gris, and pinot blanc), but they're all gorgeous. We especially loved the pinot noirs.

We also love any pinot noirs that come from the Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterey, CA.

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Marla, Love Oregonian Pinot Noir. Can't wait to try the Four Graces! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll let you know, but I'm sure it's fabulous.
I like Pinots a lot. Are you from Oregon? I have two boys in college at Pacific University in Forest Grove, so I get down there from time to time. My husband and I love Oregon and would like to retire there. A state with lots of good wineries is always interesting to me!
Gwen, no, I don't live there, but my husband's family lives in Salem. And those big dummies don't even KNOW how amazing the area surrounding them is for wine. When we visit Oregon from LA, we try to drag them all to wine tastings. We pack a picnic and usually find some great vineyard with an amazing view. They're beginning to appreciate it a little more. Two of them joined the Duck Pond wine club. My husband and I joined the Four Graces club. We REALLY look forward to getting our shipments.

Other great vineyards in the area:

Sokol Blosser
Domain Drouhin
Bethel Heights
I can't believe you posted this, as my husband and I just polished off one of Erath's prize Pinots: Prince Hill-- but when USCRA was in Portland for their annual, we did a wine tour and hit Dundee Hills winery. LOVED Four Graces.....


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