Is there a way to make the cursor move a word to the right after entering a comma?

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I'm confused. You should be at the word to the right when you enter the comma already. You don't need to be in the space. Or am I even more confused?
When at the beginning of the word that I want the comma to appear before, I hit the comma button, and it enters a comma right there and the cursor stays there. In StenoCAT, the cursor would move to the next word after you entered a comma, which is helpful when you have a series that you want to enter commas between.

Example: "I had cherry blueberry and apple." If I have my cursor on "blueberry" and enter a comma, a comma will show up after "cherry," but the cursor will stay in the same spot after I enter the comma. I want it to go to "and" so that I can just hit the comma button twice without having to move my cursor. Does that make sense?
Yes, the comma will just sit there. Did you know when in hyperkeys, you can be right in the middle of a word and hit the comma? You don't have to be on the first letter of the word.

I have an editing macro that searches for the next "and" and then puts the comma in. If there is a comma already in front of the next "and," it will remove the comma.

I have a similar macro that does the same for the words "but" and "or" too!
Can you make a macro? Reprogram the comma to ", Word right"? I don't know if that will mess anything up or not. If it's only for hyperkeys, I wouldn't think so.
Not only does it not work, when you try to delete the goofy, not working entry, it disables your comma in hyperkeys.
"L" jumps a word to the right. Or I hit "M" in hyperkeys, however many words you want to highlight - one, two, or a clause -- and then I hit the comma and it surrounds the word/phrase, etc.
Ang, I tried it without the second comma, because you wouldn't always want a second comma; you might just want to move to the next word.

As I posted, it disabled my comma, but what I had forgotten to say, when I hit the comma after creating the macro, it froze up my program, my cursor, and I had to Ctrl-Alt-Delete out of it.

Any idea what I did wrong? I went to Macros, New, added
Word right

and assigned "," as my hyperkey.
Ah, I think I get it. Just want to make sure. It won't work the way Marla wants, which is just to use a comma and move to the right; you need to use a different speed key, and you chose Shift+F9.

Personally, if I'm going to use two keystrokes anyway, I'd rather do comma L than to try to learn a different hyperkey for such a basic function. But if one wanted to have combos for two commas, three commas, that could be worthwhile!

I punctuate so much while I'm writing (almost to my detriment), it's not such a big deal. I just wanted to see if it would work! :)

Thanks for playing around with this, Ang.
Uh, I think you guys might be trying to reinvent the wheel. The comma is a macro that's already built into Total Eclipse. So go to your user settings, edit tab, macro, buttons, and scroll on the macro you want to edit (in this case, I think it would be the type comma command), highlight it, and then edit. Just add the move right one word command.

Of course, looking at what I just wrote, looks highly complicated, and it might be easier to just what you guys are suggesting.
How do I get Eclipse to stop removing the "s" after the apostrophe when a word ends in "s"? Example: Mr. Bess' dog. Chris's transcript.

I follow the school of thought that, if it's heard, it goes in rather than the other school of thought that anything that ends in "s" only gets an apostrophe.
You need to choose which one you want. It won't automatically do both. I like s' so I have that setting. If you want it to be both ways, you need to have two different strokes.

I think it's in the Metadictionary. This is what mine shows:

I think if you take out the [s]' that will do it.

I think there's a simpler way. It was mentioned either on CRF or CR-Net. Might want to do a search for it. Going to the source, CR-Net, with the question will give you the definitive answer from support.
Thanks, Brenda. What's CR-Net?


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