If you have questions about or are going to a future seminar on Eclipse, share it here.

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Me, me, I wanna go to New Orleans. Are they releasing any NO details??
Not that I know of yet, but I definitely want to go.
ESP Network is having a seminar in Las Vegas in May. It looks like they'll be having a class on autoindexing. I know you're interested in that.
I'm hoping to go to LV in May, and definitely looking to go to NOLA.
Barb, I hope to see you there. I'm all signed up.

Hope the ghost of Bugsy Siegel doesn't interrupt the proceedings! (He's said to haunt the Flamingo!)
Definitely going to LV. Can't afford both NOLA and LV, so decided on LV. So yeah, I'll see you there.
How about the annual NCRA August 6-9 meeting in the Washington, DC area? I'm planning on attending, and would love to meet some of you in person!
http://ncraonline.org/Meetings/Annual/ - not much info online yet ...
I'll be in D.C. for sure.
Hi, All,
There will be an impromptu training seminar in Oklahoma City this Saturday, 5/9 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. There will be a one-hour lunch where we will probably order in. We will cover new version changes and features, Auto Brief, Tran Magic, Global Magic, time savers for editing, form fields in admin pages, realtime setup, just to name a few.

Please email me privately if you would like more information.

Is anyone going to the Vegas ESP convention? I'll be there Sat. & Sun., so look for me and say hi. I'm going to take the auto-indexing and wireless real-time.
Yes, I'll be there. I am going to the advanced seminars, and on Sunday, I'll be doing the auto-indexing.
Eclipse Seminar near Dallas, August 22 and 23.

For more information: http://realtimeready.com/eclipse/


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