Questions and comments on how to do word indexes (or indices if you're fancy) should be placed in this discussion so people can refer back to it easily.

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Just got an e-mail that Mary Jacks sent about printing word index. I don't know how to respond directly to it, so maybe this is where I go . . .
Select the print option. On the drop-down menu beside the word "full sized" select "multi-page" or "multi-page with index." Voila!
I recently discovered the nifty neato feature of creating an HTML document with a word index, sort of like an E-Tran document. Just hit alt-shift-O to create an ASCII, check the box that says Html Index, which is under the "cancel" button. It wll create an HTML file which you can open by going into your directory in Eclipse through Windows Explorer, and it will start a web browser with clickable word list that'll take you right to the spot in the transcript.

Very handy when an agency sends you a prior ASCII on a case. You can import the ASCII, then create this handy E-Tran-like document.
Marla, OMG!! That is amazing. How did I never hear about that before? What a great way to send ASCIIs

I know! It's neato, isn't it? I just did a word search in help. Can't remember for the life of me what I searched, but I can't find it again. I did find this:

The HTML Index check box allows you to create an HTML file of the transcript and concordance. If you use this option, three HTML files will be created in the Jobs folder: filename.htm, filename_b.htm, and filename_i.htm. If you open filename.htm in any web browser, you will see the transcript at left, and the concordance at right. The concordance will contain clickable links to portions of the transcript.

That explains it maybe a little better than I did. Don'tcha just LOVE our software?
NO FREAKIN' WAY!!! That is SO cool!!!! Thanks so much, Marla!
Thank you! I never knew what that HTML box was for. We've started sending out all of our asciis in HTML.
Now it's back to those speed tapes. . .

Can this E-tran format all be in ascii for attorneys to open and see? Or is this feature just from reporter to reporter in Eclipse?


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