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At 19:26 on January 31, 2009, Janet McCann said…
Hi, Roxanne,

I cancelled my myspace page. I'll keep in touch with your over here.

Hope you and your little one are doing well.

At 9:21 on August 4, 2008, Karen said…
Well, you know Roxanne, it's very difficult to explain to someone how pregnancy is -- it's really a different experience for everyone. I've had four pregnancies (to term, one miss), and they were all pretty much different. Actually, the boys were similar and the girls were similar. The girl pregnancies were HORRIBLE -- felt sick most of the time (MORNING sickness?!?! more like ALL DAY sickness!), I had a lot of food and/or smell aversions, didn't want coffee anymore, which I LOVE ... and the boys, especially my first boy (second child), those pregnancies were a dream! No sickness, looked GREAT, felt great!!! Don't even ask about labor! LOL! Pregnancy is KIND of like trying to tell someone how court reporting school is going to be: even though we all kind of have the same experiences, I think it is different for everyone, or we react differently to the same things/obstacles. Do you know what I mean? When are you due, by the way? Around January? My last child was born in January. I had the first one in May, the second one in October (great month to give birth), the third one in May, and Kayla was born in January when I was 44, believe it or not! And she was the worst labor, too! And I exercised for that entire pregnancy. Oh well ...
Well, get back to that machine, girl. I'm still struggling trying to get one more 180 QA and then finish up. I usually practice slow for accuracy, but I think I'm going to try to practice really fast so I can train my brain (what little is left of it!) to hear the words at faster speeds -- maybe that will help. Couldn't hurt! Take care!
At 12:33 on August 3, 2008, Sue @ The Brief Zone said…
Hi Roxanne, check out The Brief Zone !
Great Drilling Material For Any Theory...
At 9:47 on August 1, 2008, Karen said…
Hey, Roxanne, how the heck are you?!?!? How are you feeling, any better? Miss you and your stellar read backs in class!
At 13:22 on July 16, 2008, Renee said…
Beautiful horse! Cute dog too! I also ride and have shown horses in the past. Some day when I get out of school I hope to have my own horse again.
At 9:43 on June 3, 2008, Shannon Wise said…
I wish I could, except town is 50 miles away...where the work is anyway. Don't think Fancy would enjoy that commute. One lady was on the news a couple weeks ago, she parked her diesel dually and is riding her horse to work. It's only 4 miles, though. We may all be back to horse and buggy before too long. Hope things are going well for you.
At 19:20 on May 21, 2008, Shannon Wise said…
Roxanne, I didn't even know you got back with me, Your slide show is wonderful. Your horse is beautiful. I have a red roan paint and would love to find a black quarter horse to breed her with. She didn't take last time I tried a couple years ago. She miscarried. The vet could not wait to see what she produced. Anyway, yeah, right now she's a big yard pet. I will clean her up and take a picture of her and post it on my page. I really need to start riding again. I just have no one to ride with. We live out in the boonies on a dirt road, and it used to safe to ride, but now people just drive too fast and it scares me because of the curves and hills. I was doing my walk a couple weeks ago and two ladies out riding stopped me and said I could ride with them. I told them that would be great as soon as I got her used to the road again. I live in the Cowboy Capital of the World and people still tie up their horses on main street. It's wonderful. I want you as my friend too.
At 8:30 on May 9, 2008, Karen said…
I'm sorry, Rox, I just noticed your comment from the 7th -- I don't want you to think I'm ignoring you! CONGRATULATIONS on your ***SECOND*** 225!!! I TOLD you were going to get the next one soon! So what's left? Just your 3 exit speed tests? Or mentor tests? Or whatever they're called?!?! Why aren't you going to Hobart? I would think you'd want to finish everything up there ... You're such an inspiration! I just found out I passed a 200 JC! Now I just need one 180 lit and my 160 mentored tests to get into SH240, and then one 180 Q, the 200s, and the 225s. I can't wait until I can stop chasing speeds!!!!
At 12:26 on May 6, 2008, Karen said…
CONGRATULATIONS on your 225!!!! I know you're going to get the next one REAL soon!!! YAY!!!!
At 17:13 on May 5, 2008, Karen said…
Hi, Roxanne!

I would be HONORED to be one of your friends -- thanks for asking! I also wish that piano playing that you hear on my page was actually me, but unfortunately, it's not. I haven't played like that for YEARS. As soon as I find the time (HA), I want to sit down and practice and get back to an acceptable level. I told Jay that I would play for our graduation -- they're trying to schedule one for 2009 -- so that gives me two goals to shoot for -- one to get out of school, and the other to raise my level of piano playing above that of "Mary Had a Little Lamb." LOL!

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