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Day Three - When will the drought end.

Well, this is my third day in a row of cancellations. I'm all caught up with transcripts until I get stuff back from my scopist. What am I going to do with myself? I went out to lunch and got my haircut yesterday.

Should I work on my realtime? That would be productive. Nope!!

I could spend hours on the Internet stalking my friends on CSRnation. That idea has some merit. Nah. I don't want to scare my friends away.

Take a long hot bath and enjoy the slow time. Now,… Continue

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January 24, 2008

Gotta love those last-minute cancellations. But at least I'm getting paid a cancellation fee.

Does it seem like more attorneys are canceling than before? Someone should keep track of something like that. Of course, if you're keeping track of something like that, that means you're not working enough and you need to get out there and call some agencies or attorneys.

Still rainy. It's always better to have cancellations on rainy days. When you're looking out your window and… Continue

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It's raining.

It's raining, it's pouring. The old man is snoring.

I love rain!!! I love it especially when I don't have to drive to downtown LA in the rain and I'm not stuck in traffic.

I love it when I'm at home sitting in my house in my comfy clothes, all caught up w/my transcripts.

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Scopist/Proofreader on Eclipse version 4.1

Hi Everybody, I've been a court reporter for 13 yrs doing criminal depos in Miami-Dade Co. I would like to retire and start scoping for other reporters. I've been scoping for another reporter from California since Dec. of last year. I need one to two more reporters. I will miss being a reporter, but I love being home and transcribing. I would love to help you with your insanity, as I've been there for many years.

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Using Dragon Naturally Speaking to edit...

In our forums, under Hardware/Software if this link does not work. I love this!


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I just enrolled in scoping school

Today I sent my enrollment form and paypal payment to Montana for Internet Scoping School, based in Montana. Soon I will be getting my learning materials for my first course, "Quick & Easy Punctuation". I'm excited and a little nervous. This will be what I hope to be a long and eventful road to CR/Captioning.

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The Dawn of a New Day

Well, indeed. Soon it was the dawn of a new day. The reporter did call on the third day and we chatted on the phone for about a half hour. I shared my experience, and the reporter shared his experience. We then decided that we were going to work together. We have since done many, many jobs together and it has developed into a very productive relationship for both of us.

I have since acquired other clients as well. I am not saying that everything is lucrative, but I am saying that it is… Continue

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My Tunes

I've never blogged before, and I don't even know if this is a blogging topic. I recently added some very hot tunes to my page. As more time presents itself, more music will appear. It's all going to be of the "Hair Metal" genre. As I am a child of the '80s. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. ROCK N' ROLL!!

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A new beginning!

Well, indeed it wasn't the end of the road. It was the beginning of something totally different. I applied for unemployment, because we needed to have money coming into the house. When i first applied I didn't know if I could run a business and collect at the same time. Well I found out. New York State Department of Labor has a program called SEAP which stands for Self Employment Assistance Program. They allow you to start a business and continue collecting benefits at the same time. They ask… Continue

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But was it?

But was it the end of the road, really? When I was growing up the people that were bigger than me would tell me, "God has a plan for you." I often wondered what they meant. And as I struggled through life I asked myself many times is this what God had intended for me? I could never answer the question.

Well, it wasn't the end of the road after all. You see, I had a dream of working from home ever since we moved to Long Island. Not that waking up 2 hours before work and then travelling…


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Full time Scoping

I don't know if anyone else does this full time, but I do. I thought it was a curse when my former boss sat me down around 8 months ago and said, "We're very sorry, but we have to let you go." My heart sank. I poured my heart and soul into that business for 16 years. Now what was I going to do. I had a wife at home, two small children, a hefty mortgage payment for a house in the suburbs on Long Island. It was the end of the road.

Added by John E. O'Sullivan II on December 17, 2007 at 21:06 — 2 Comments

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