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One year out...'s been just over a year since I became a CSR. I had a pretty good year. I started out slow, got a second car, and started making some moves. As soon as I started getting a foothold in an agency, the calendar person who I loved working with resigned. Now I have started fresh with a new calendar person and I can barely get on calendar at all. Tonight I find myself researching firms in L.A. to start out looking for a new agency to call home. And I know this is not exactly the best time…


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When one attorney is covering for another...

How do we handle the appearance of an attorney who is only covering for another attorney? The attorney whose case it is was unable to appear and the firm sent someone else in their place. I see the original attorney's name on the service list. Do both their names go on the appearance list?

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Crazy depo

So I'm editing my transcript from last week where I had to cite the witness. Many things I didn't expect to hear came up, but I guess we have to be ready for anything in depoland! I'm just getting to the part where one attorney puts on the record the fact that opposing counsel is "mad dogging" his client! Never thought I'd hear an attorney say that! LOL!!! I actually wanted to laugh out loud when he said that. Of course I didn't, but I'm laughing now!!!

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Courthouse appearances

So today I did a motion at the Santa Monica Courthouse.  I was excited to do it because I find court to be intriguing. I'd love to be an official, but right now freelance depo work is more suited to my family's needs. Maybe after my little guy has gone off to college. 

Anyway it was interesting. Since it was a motion it certainly went fast. They weren't used to having a reporter in there either because they were just going so fast! There were five attorneys there. I think I did okay.…


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Certification of a partial transcript (CA)

I've been asked to certify a part of the transcript. I looked in the codes, and I see that that's perfectly fine, but does one do anything special to denote that it is partial? For instance do you note that on the transcript cover and/or the reporter's cert?

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Blurb insertion -- where, oh, where?

So I'm looking for some clarification on descriptive blurbs. I have a witness who is demonstrating something that happened to him. Where would the blurb go in the testimony? This isn't the actual testimony, just a sample.

A:  He threw the lamp at me like that, and I looked back at him to see where he came from.

So would it be:

A:  He threw the lamp at me like that (indicating), and I looked back at him to see where he came from.

Or where would it…


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Being Assertive

So one of the first lessons I have learned in my first two weeks of taking depos is the importance of being assertive. I did hearings for a couple of months before starting this. I loved doing that. OAH has really great judges! They are almost always looking out for the court reporter. They remind counsels to slow down for the reporter; they ask for testimony to be repeated when it's hard to understand, etc.

Well, I'm not there anymore, and I am the only one that will do those things…


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Doc depos

Just finished editing my second doctor depo. I actually kind of like them. Scary thought!! My first two weeks doing depos were a little slow. Only two. I'm hoping this week I get a few more. I wonder if I will get more doc depos??? Lol.

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New Reporter

I'm a new reporter. I passed the October 2011 exam. I've done Office of Administrative Hearings for the past couple of months (heard it was slow in the depo world). I just started with an agency and have only received one depo a week. I know things are starting to pick up out there, and I was hoping someone could recommend some trustworthy agencies that could use help and wouldn't mind bringing on a new reporter. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated!!

Added by Shanna Gray on February 2, 2012 at 20:50 — 12 Comments

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