Hello everyone

I am a former court reporter who wants to start scoping from home, but I don't know where to start. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Sounds like you have the right background! What software do you have? As long as you have current software, meaning software that reporters these days are using, then just start marketing yourself. That is the hardest part, trying to get reporters to take a chance on a new scopist who's just starting out.

I started a group called Scopists/Former Court Reporters, so you're welcome to join that. Just go under the heading Community, then choose Groups and find the Scopists/Former Court Reporters group. You can start discussions in that group also, and we've all been in the same boat you're in, so you might find it helpful.

Sabrina Schneider
S.O.S. Scoping Services
Hi, Carol. Best of luck to you in starting your scoping business! I am a former court reporter who has been scoping for almost three years as part-time work, and I love it! I am blessed to have come into contact and build relationships with many excellent reporters and people! I believe I first posted an advertisement on the NCRA classified ads, and got my first client from that. I have also placed an ad on the Scopists.com directory and I recently was referred to CSRNation from two of my clients, and I have now connected with a great reporter from CSRNation as well as exchanged some messages with other scopists/former reporters! This site is phenomenal! Also, I have found that a lot of my business has been referrals from other reporters.

Best of luck to you! There's plenty of work to go around for all of us skilled scopists! :)

Hi Carol!

With your background in reporting you are already starting out on the right foot. I just wanted to suggest our online scopist training program, Internet Scoping School, because we have a lot of reporting students and former reporters take portions of our training to help them get started in the scoping world. Feel free to check out our website at www.scopeschool.com or e-mail me directly with any questions you might have at issadmit@montana.com.

Good luck with your future in scoping!


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