Hi All, I'm excited to be here as I start my journey back to court reporting! I went to school 20 years ago at The American Institute in Phoenix AZ, which has closed so I don't know exactly where I left off.

I have decided to do a Home study course called Court reporting at Home, today my intention is to get through theory and scope my way through speed building, but we'll see.

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Good luck to you! It's just like riding a bike, right?


Hi, Kim! I graduated from American Institute in Phoenix in February of 1986! Loved, loved, loved the school! I really hate that the ended up closing. Good luck with the home study course! Are you going to use the theory you were taught at AICR or are you starting all over from scratch?
Thanks Susan, I'm glad to hear you are doing so well! I have been at home for 14 years with running a business from home, that I've realized was really a hobby to keep my self busy, like I needed that with 4 kids:) But looking forward to having this as a carreer when my youngest enterst kindergarten. And I have been reading everything back, but you can imagine how boring that is I'm still writing the alphabet:) I am extremely motivated, and also have some AR qulaities about me that I need to work on my own pace, plus the $$ had a lot to do with it. I've been hearing horror stories of 4-5 years worth of student loans...etc.

Rhonda, I was hoping to find someone that had been to AICR! I too loved that school, and now of course wish I would have finished. I started in 1987, so just after you left. The theory that I'm learning now is very similar, I'm happy with that as Im picking it back so quickly after 20 years!! YAY> However I have ran across a few that don't match up to my rememberence of the old, like and was skp and now apbd. Of course I could be remembering wrong too, but every time I see and my fingers go to "skp"! I may check ahead to see if it's a problem with another one!

Are you still in Phoenix? I'm in Southern AZ now.

Thanks again for replying ladies. I'll keep my progress posted.
Kim, I'm in the Tampa, FL, area now and plan on moving back to MS after my daughter graduates high school in a few years.

Your memory is correct that SKP was and. I would suggest you continue to use that, as there are all those phrasing possibilities with it. I see people online all the time who have, after years and years of reporting, changed over to the SKP. It's much easier to do it when you're learning than it is to re-learn.

Was Joe Cox still at AICR when you were there? He was my teacher for the second three months of school, basically reenforcing the theory and barely starting to speed-build. My theory teacher was Steve Lampropolous, a short, bald Greek man who made learning theory a hell of a lot of fun. EVERYBODY loved Steve. He had Hodgkins and died shortly after I graduated. I also remember Chris Hall, I think a couple of Joes, Isabelle, and Frank. Ms. Kennedy, the owner, was really sweet, too. I was really pissed that they got sued by those reporters because they weren't able to make the money they were told they could make. In my opinion, either you have it or you don't, and if they didn't make money, I certainly don't think that is the school's fault. It cost a whole $2,500 a year back then, and I definitely feel like I've gotten my money's worth. I wish they had called me to testify on the school's behalf. I remember when it was over, I got a letter telling me I was entitled to some of my tuition money back. The catch on that was, you had to submit your original loan papers. This was, oh, about 12 years after I had graduated, so why in the world would I have kept those papers? Plus, I felt I had gotten a damned-good education, and I wouldn't have submitted the paperwork anyway.

Keep me posted on your progress! And if you have any questions about the old theory, e-mail me! rbreuwet at verizon dot net
Yes I remember Joe Cox, and Ms. Kennedy, I can't remember the speed building fellas name that I liked so much, and older guy with glasses, short, he would read reviews from the New Times that often had cuss words in them, just to keep us "listening". I remember a mom/daughter team that was with me and the daughter was so embarrased about some of the stuff, sitting next to her mom! Funny.

I had NO idea that is why the school closed, wow. I can't imagine filing a lawsuit for that, let alone getting a group together to do so! Crazy and sad. I don't think I ever got a letter from them, but it would have gone to my mom's address anyway. I am amazed at the amount of $$ students are paying now, and the length of time they are in school I belong to a yahoo group and one man is 35K in student loan debt after 4 years and at 180 he's considering dropping out because he can't afford more loans. Those suing women would have had a fit over that one huh!

Thanks for tip on "skp" I will make sure it doesn't interfere to keep using it, it's a much easier stroke for word that is so often used, that's important.

Just curious, how come you're not going to GateWay instead of doing it online? It's a great program and if you did it before it probably won't take you long to catch speed again. It's a community college, so the fees are horrendous (even though they are going up little by little). I think it's around $65/credit and the CR classes (except for the theory classes, I believe they're 6) are 2 credits.

You don't remember what speed you were when you left? We have an awesome theory teacher and the other teachers are great too. You get started on realtime from the beginning. If you don't have computer compatible writer, they have them at school to use in the room in the lab. There is no theory class in the summer, but you might want to look into it for the fall. It's a go-at-your-own-pace program, so if you can zip through the speeds, then go for it. We have one girl who just started in the fall, I think, and she's already at 160. I've been there for six years (had medical problems and took maternity leave, so don't look at me as an example). I think it's nice to go and be with others who are going through the same thing. We all know what it's like and there is that support there.

Good luck in your studies.
The Home study program was only 5,000 including the machine. I LOVE it, I'm making great progress I'm on theory lesson 15, only 5 more to go. My goal is to be done by the end of May and start speedbuilding in June, so excited! Plus I'll feel like I can begin scoping for money:) I wish you the best of luck Janet.

Corrine, I did look into Gateway, but I'm over three hours south of Phoenix and with 4 kiddos I couldn't make the necessary commute/obligation to get there. But I have heard good things about the program.
Oh, okay. I thought you were in Phoenix. Where are you, then? That makes sense. It takes me an hour to get to school in the mornings and I live 20 minutes away by freeway. I have 2 kids and sometimes it's a challenge to get out the door, so I can imagine how it would be with 4.

The nice thing about the program is, is that I can choose to go 5 days, 3 days, 2 days, 1 day. I go 2 because I need time to work. If I don't work, I can't go to school. The 3 categories are each a separate class so you can sign up for whatever you want. I used to go 5 days and I just got burned out because of trying to juggle everything. I know it'll take me longer, but I am near the end and I will finish one day (Soon????). 15 tests to go!!!!

I know I've paid more than 5,000 because if I don't pass all 3 tests by the end of the 8 weeks, then I have to pay for the class again. At least I've had scholarships and retraining money (all used up) to help pay. I'm on my own now unless I get a scholarship. I haven't even bothered with financial aid, too much of a headache.

I'm transcribing, scoping, and proofreading now. It's great experience and it's interesting to see the different formats across the country. I thought everyone did it the way I was taught in school. I should know better than that, that it wouldn't be exactly the same with so much diversity in this world, right?

Good luck. It sounds like you have things under control.
I live in Sierra Vista, south of Tucson basically on the Mexico Border.

You say 15 tests and three per category, is that 5 categories left? when is your graduation goal? Mine is Aug 09, that's 15 months in the program but I'm determined to "git r done", I"m getting old:) Tell me about your scoping, how often and is it worth the work/time away from school for the $$? My husband wants me NOT to scope but rather use that time to practice, I think I can do both and still reach my goal. Any thoughts?
Well, I still have 3 tests at 200 JC, 3 at 180 LIT, and 9 QA (3 at each speed @ 180, 200, and 225). My graduation goals passed by me 4 years ago. (Smile) I don't set goals because I never make them. I just take it one day at a time and keep plugging along. It'll come. I've had some medical issues, so I just do what I can. Sometimes I wonder if I really should do this because of the medical issues. I really want to do it, so I will one day.

I'm no spring chicken and my hubby keeps reminding me and asking me why I picked such a diificult career. I guess I like challenges. I reall y thought I'd be done in two years when I started. I always worked while in school, then I took time off to have baby because I was getting too old to have one if I didn't.

I think your hubby has a point about not working and practicing. I don't practice as much as I should because I'm working. I need to work, so I don't have much choice. I've tried not working and practicing more, but then I had the medical stuff happen and I still didn't advance. (I still have issues and some days are better than others) I'm not a natural writer either and I have to work at what I get. Sometimes I think I was just too tired and my fingers were acting dyslexic. (Excuses, excuses, smile)

You probably could scope or proof on a part-time basis. You can control how much you take in. If you can find one or two people who want you to work for them part time so that you have time to do your schooling and practicing, it's possible.

Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's not moneywise. For me it is because I make my schedule (within the deadlines). I went back to working outside the home after working for myself and I absolutely hated it. I like working for myself and making my own hours as long as I get the work done. (including working weekends)

I'm going to try to practice at least 10 minutes a day. It doesn't sound like much, but it's better than nothing and I know I can squeeze that in. Even if I just do word lists or finger drills. The boring stuff that you don't want to do more than 10 minutes' worth as it is, right? I get the speed building at school with the dictation. That's my plan and I just need to stick to it. See, if I can take a few minutes to type this note, then I can practice a few, right? Just a little break from reading transcripts, etc.

When you're done and you pass the RPR and the AZ written test, I know they're looking for reporters in Tucson at the Superior Court. I think they have 6 or 7 openings. That may still be too far for you, though, right? I don't go south too often. When I leave Phoenix, I usually go north or west.

Well, keep in touch and let me know how you're doing on the home program.


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