Hi, all.

Just got a call from Lipka to cover a depo for them.

Have any reporters worked for them? If you have, please e-mail me with feedback.


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what's your email address

I am also looking for feedback, please. qdcsr at aol dot com


me too, jyoung.courtreporter@gmail.com

I've worked for them before. 

I'd be interested in feedback about them too, if you could copy me to your email:  dtaggart@pacbell.net


I've worked for them before.  No problem getting paid.  Would work for them again.

Maybe it's just me, but on their website, they have sample transcript formats.  They look like they are single spaced to me.  I turned down a job with them because I was afraid they would change my format when they got it.  My ASCIIs and PDFs look double spaced.  Theirs do not.  It's odd.  


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