I am not hitting 200 wpm on Q&A.

Is it worth the money to buy a Brief Enounters book? They're about $55.00.

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totally worth it! We need briefs! Not arbitrary ridiculous briefs but briefs for the all-important commonly used words. And Brief Encounters and the other books (Medical Briefs and I know there's another one, which I have but too busy to look right now) are total worth the money.
I agree! I love this book! i especially love the accompanying CD, which is so much easier (for me) to use. Get it! ;)
My quip was supposed to say, "I am NOW ---"

LOL. What a differece from proofreading and not proofreading - and now proofreading.
haha, I make that error often, now/not. I passed right over it in your post. Totally didn't notice. Yup, that's why we proof!
I'm not using any software yet. I had my RPR for ten years (1981), then worked as a legal assistant for twenty years. So I am speed building again. I need a writer, and I got ten-year old StenoCat. I hope it works. If it does, at least it will be good enough to get started.
Hi, Mary Jo.

If you're just having troubles with Q&A, why not get a copy of "Q&A, a Faster Way," by Donna Cole?

This book specifically addresses how to stroke the Q (or A) bank with a few extra keys to get something like this:

Q. What is your name? All in one stroke!

A. My name is .... Also all in one stroke!

If you want a kinda/sorta look at this book, take a look at my article, "Dictionaries 'r' Us." The article includes a method to learn a few two word briefs ("you remember," "I recall," etc.), and turn most of those briefs into Q&A extensions ... and it includes a graphic of my Q&A dictionary ... a few of which came from Ms. Cole's book.

If you're still looking for a writer, I have one for you! Check the classifieds for my "Cooler Than Ice Cream" ProCAT Flash. You can read my thoughts on the ProCAT Flash here.

Good luck ... and hope that helps.

"For a Good (steno) Time ....."
Hi, I just read about you getting back into reporting....I think it is wonderful! :0) Most people that I've encounter who used to do it, would like to go back but never do it! So good for you!
Achievement Today! :0)
StenEd has a good booklet of briefs for around $20. The exact title is "Realtime Dictionary of Briefs and Phrases." I haven't purchased Brief Encounters, but got StenEd instead. It has 12,000 entries, which is more than I can memorize for the present, and I love that the briefs are realtime conflict-free.
Keith Vincent has a pdf of hundreds of one-stroke briefs ready to be downloaded on his site:

I have the book Brief Encounters, and have used it quite a bit as well.
You all have been so helpful. Thank you so much.
I think it's good to just use www.briefpedia.com
don't get me wrong, I have brief encounters and love it. i use it a lot.
but i see myself using briefpedia more, bc i don't have to flip through pages (or find the book lol) and briefpedia gives me tons of options and allows me to see potential conflicts.
oH! Oh, OH! That was so exciting!! I'm going to go through tha tonight and make a list on my stenopad of stuff I can use right now.

That was great. Thanks.


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