Court Reporting Board of Arizona Proposes to Cut Ethics From Code

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That's kind of funny: the IRS likes to patrol these blogs! As if I/we wouldn't have thought of that. Good Lord. And for you to go after me, perhaps the one person who would be in your corner. WTF?

Lisa, it was friendly advice.

Right. And I guess my previous PMs to you that you ignored were also just friendly advice.

It is late and your performance leaves a lot to be desired. Me thinks you inflated your income as well. It's amazing what a tired brain does to one. You will feel better in the morning.

How sad that you can't acknowledge the amount of money you are missing out on.

Not sticking my nose into this debate, but $20K/month is not necessarily extraordinary/impossible/unreachable/inflated. Just a few real-time jobs, roughs and expedites a month will do it. Just sayin' . . .

I just saw this, if it is true, CART reporters will likely want to become deposition reporters.

Phoenix, Arizona - UPDATE: Due to the overwhelming public response by both the court reporting and legal community, the Board of Court Reporting was forced to not simply ramrod through un-vetted, watered-down revisions to our ethics language. A Task Force has been ordered by Chief Justice Berch to more fully study the Proposed Revisions and the language. ACRA will have a seat at the table of the Task Force, and it's findings will be presented at the December 7, 2013 Arizona Judicial Council meeting. The nation's continued support is deeply appreciated. We particularly appreciate receiving any public information which outlines abuses of ethics and impartiality across the nation, and legislation of professional complaints thereof.
"It's a great day to be a court reporter."-- Marty Herder

Everyone please note: Lisa Migliore Black's repost of her colleague Marty Herder's blog post is simply one person's opinion. This is not an actual news piece, as it is unethically attempting to pose as.

BTW, it would be "its" findings, Marty/Lisa, not "it's" findings. And maybe therein lies part of the problem with losing business to the national competitors you begrudge so much.

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Fact:  Out of over 120 public comments opposing the rules changes, there were only five public comments that supported the changes:  Two from Esquire, one from Veritext, one from US Legal, and one other poster.

Here's latest developments on the Magna lawsuit in Arizona.

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