Hi...I would like to know how the job market is for court reporters in New York City. I have heard that it has been very slow since last year and i am a little concerned because i should be finish school in a few more months. Thanks everyone and have a wonderful day...:)

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you can contact me at atshemi@aol.com
Don't give up your night job, at least for a while.
Hi Apryl! Dont give up my night job!!! I wish i had a job about right now. I am in school and i suppose to graduate in October. I've sacrificed a lot for this career. Are you telling me its really not worth it now?? I would feel like a total dummy!!!
No, I love being a reporter, but it takes time to establish yourself in the profession. The first year is really hard. You'll only do a couple of EBTs a week and it will take you forever to transcribe them. But if you stick with it you will get better and start to make enough money to live on. It does get slow from time to time, so make sure you have a financial cushion.

A good agency will start you out slowly, make sure you can handle the work, and as you prove yourself you will get better and better jobs. But most agencies will only give you small-ish, easy jobs to start. Work hard, don't turn any jobs down, be willing to take constructive criticism, and you will work your way up the totem poll at an agency. Remember, they have seasoned reporters who've been with them a long time and paid their dues, so they will always get the better jobs.

So if you're solely financially responsible for yourself or your family, you probably won't make enough to cover your expenses if you live in New York City at first.
Kwanna, I told you what I think about the field. I may have an extra steno machine that needs an overhaul, but if I can locate it and you want it, its yours. Anita
Anita that's great. Thanks a lot. Just keep me posted. What type of writer?
dont worry kwaanaaa lol


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