Post questions here if you have problems connecting Eclipse with LiveNote or Bridge or any other realtime software.

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I got the blue screen of death three times yesterday when trying to do Bridge from my laptop to my spare laptop for the client. I know the driver for the USB-to-serial adapter was installed on both laptops. I don't know what caused it. I had done a Bridge and LiveNote hookup a few weeks go without a problem. Same cables, except I wasn't using both of my laptops, which makes me thinks it's one of my laptops that's causing the problem.

I tried reversing the laptops, changing which laptop I was sending out to the client, and I got the blue screen of death. So whichever laptop was doing the sending is crashing.

I called LiveNote, and they say they only recommend the Belkin USB-to-serial adapters, not the I/O Gear, Cool Gear, or PCMCIA cards. I happen to have some brand-new Belkin adapters at home that I'd bought but hadn't tried yet because the I/O Gear was working fine.

So when I get home I install the new driver on both laptops and try hooking up both laptops with the Belkin cables. Funny/weird thing is it will work sending it from my Dell to my Acer but not from my Acer to my Dell. At least I didn't get the blue screen of death.

Any ideas, suggestions?
Has anyone bought the StenoCast X7 or StenoCast RED and done realtime wirelessly? I think I'm going to buy it because I am sick to death of the stupid USB-to-serial cables. Their fickle nature is costing me money!!

I'm just wondering:
1. If anyone has used it with Eclipse.
2. How hard it is to set up.
3. If you have to do hair-pulling troubleshooting to figure out why it's not working as often as you do with these USB-to-serial cables.
Hi, Marla,
I can't answer your screen of death problem, but I have bought the X7 and it worked flawlessly with my own netbook that I provide for the attorneys to use. Then I upgraded to the RED and, again, it's flawless.
Sometimes, though, I have problems loading the RED's driver onto the attorney's laptop, so I always bring my own netbook. And as a total backup, I bring my cables still (if they insist on using their own laptop).
One hangup you'll have is making sure your settings are correct; meaning the baud rate and com port, and whether you're outputting to Bridge or LiveNote.

I use Eclipse and love using the RED.
Hey, Heidi. Thanks for the positive news! That makes me feel better about my purchase. I'll get it tomorrow. Very excited!!!

The guy at StenoCast said you can put the driver on a flash drive and just run it from the thumb drive; you don't have to install anything.

About the baud rate, if I'm doing Bridge, it's nice because it defaults to 38000 automatically with Eclipse. But with LiveNote, that can be a pain.

Have you hooked up both Bridge and LiveNote at the same time with it yet?
In my experience, multiple blue screens, BSDs, mean virus. I have an old Toshiba from 1999 or 2000 that I run as a spare and it was getting the BSD several times a week. I had someone wipe the hard drive, reinstall XP and I haven't had a BSD since.

I only get the blue screen of death when I'm doing realtime. It says something about the name of the driver for the USB-to-serial adapter on the blue screen, so I'm pretty sure it's because of the driver.

But that's good advice about reinstalling your operating system to get rid of any bugs.

I am having trouble opening up my student version of Eclipse 4.1. My teacher reinstalled it on my computer, and it still won't work... It comes up with a screen that says.

"Your log file is missing. Please enter a passcode to make a new one. "

Please tell me what this means.

Thanks for your help.

Carilyn, you need to call Advantage support and they will give you a new passcode.
Hi Marla,
My office bought the Stenocast Red and I've been taking it out and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. That connection is now the least of my problems. For LIvenote, I find that setting both Eclipse and the receiving computer to 2400 baud is best. The Red has a readout that tells you if your connections are working, it says "clients online" so you don't need to troubleshoot your actual wireless connection. It's usually the COM port isn't set to the right number that always gets me. I've used it on my own netbooks, also loaded the driver on to an attorneys laptop and used his and it took literally seconds. I've also noticed that the signals don't interfere with the audio so it doesn't matter if it's close to my microphone. I refuse to take those stupid adapters anymore. I'm taking a stand! By the way, I've used the I/O gear for years with no problems with Livenote as well as the Belkins, I have two of each. The problems I always have with them have to do with drivers, loading the drivers on the attorney's computer, having their Blackberry or Palm connection taking up the com ports and just the overall nastiness of having wires all over the table. I even told an attorney the other day that he could unplug the netbook if he wanted to and look at the transcript over lunch in his office or the conference room next door, that he didn't have to be in this room but would still get the feed -- very impressive! If you do a lot of realtime, I think the investment will be well worth it.

Does the serial adapter (dongle) on the reporter's computer have to be the same serial adapter on the receiving block or receiving computer?

Hi, All,

I'm looking for an Eclipse user that will demonstrate hooking up Eclipse for realtime for a TRAIN seminar that's taking place in Carlisle, PA on Saturday, Feb. 22 from 1 to 4:00.  I've talked to Mike Starkman and he has no one that he can think of in the area.  Can anyone here suggest someone?

Please email me at for any suggestions.


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