So any testimony that you give concerning this event would be similarly affected by all of the material that you've had on your mind in the past two years?

affect/effect I know affect 'happens' right then, effect 'happened' already...or that is how I distinguish. But I feel the above is affect, but am I correct?? TYIA!!

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You have it right. Good question, though.
My trick is to see if I can substitute "affected" w/ "influenced" ~ if so, bingo. Affect/effect ~ I have a cheat sheet for. For some reason, this one just doesn't stick w/ me ~ I always forget which is which!
Good trick, Stacy! Thanks everyone!
Agree with Stacy. Affect is influence; effect is the result or outcome.
That helps too! Just had this come up again, lol. Verb/ to remember that!
Just don't forget that "affect" is used as a noun in the psych world, though - just in case :))
Have a great weekend all!
Affect: alter, impact upon; effect: consequence
You can also say:

The comedian can effect a very convincing George Bush imitation.


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