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At 23:36 on August 31, 2009, Sharla Preciado said…
I remember them telling us in school that the depo world is feast or famine, and I'm finding that to be soooo true! All summer things have been slow, and all of the sudden...BAM!...this week is packed! I can't complain, but I'm going to be really bummed if I can't sit out with you at Southwest this week :(
At 21:52 on August 26, 2009, Sharla Preciado said…
So far I don't have anything on calendar for this Friday. I don't know if Fridays are typically slow in court, but if Friday will work for you, I'd love to sit out with you in Hemet. Then I can get other names and numbers from you while I'm there. And if Friday isn't a good day for you, let's shoot for a day next week. I'm really excited about it!
At 16:29 on August 26, 2009, Sharla Preciado said…
Happy belated b'day to you too! Four points away from your RPR!!! That is incredibly close!

I did two of Eclipse's webinars over a year ago. I don't remember the exact title but it was something to do with the basics, part 1 and 2. I thought that was what I needed, but it turned out to be a little too basic. There were one or two new things that I got out of it, so I guess it was worth it, but I was really glad that I split the cost with a few friends so I didn't feel like I'd wasted any money. Plus it was fun to get together with appetizers and wine while we learned something!

I think I still have a lot to learn with Eclipse, but I haven't wanted to take a chance again on picking the right webinar, haven't wanted to spend the money, etc. As far as the timing goes, you don't have to watch the webinar at the time it's offered. They give you a code and you can view it any time (any number of times, in fact) during a two-week window or something.

I've been staying busy enough. I have two boys, ages 8 and 11, so it's hard for me to work more than two to three days a week, especially during the summer. There's a lot that I like about depos, but I still haven't ruled out court. In fact, I've been thinking about it A LOT lately. I've had to travel more often than not in the last month or so in order to stay busy enough. It would be nice to know that I'd at least be working somewhere in Riverside County! Last week I drove to Orange County three days in a row, and I'm headed back there again tomorrow.

Would I need to sit out in court before putting myself on the pro tem list? I remember you said to specifically request sitting in on calendar because that's really tough and they tend to put newbies there.

You said you used to go to 225 classes at Sage when you were a pro tem. Does that mean you are an official now? Where are you working?
At 15:35 on August 26, 2009, Sharla Preciado said…
Hi Tracy, Do you still practice every day, and are you going for your RPR? I have to admit that I don't practice at all since passing the CSR, but I've decided to change that. I'm going to start practicing again, but I'm not sure where to start.

I've been reading about Mark Kislingbury (sp?) and the Magnum Steno Club. Have you checked that out at all? I figured you would be a good person to ask because I think we have the same theory. It sounds logical to write shorter, but seems a daunting task to try to "unlearn" things, so to speak. Have you used his method, changed things on your own, or stuck with your theory and just worked on your speed?
At 11:14 on August 23, 2009, Kwanna Collins said…
Hi Tracy...My name is Kwannna. I am a court reporter student and i read your comment on why people are not passing the CSR and i think you are absolutely right. Right now I am at 190/200 Q &A and 180 in jury. For some strange reason, i do very well on a 200 jury and 225 Q and A; yet, i cant pass the speeds that i need. When i practice at higher speeds, i do pretty well, however, going back down to my speed is rough because i start to over-think what i am writing. At this point, i don't know what to do. At home i practice both high and low speeds and once again, i tend to drop at the lower speeds. Is there anything i could do to get over this issue I am having?
At 20:10 on August 14, 2009, Tami said…
Took a guilty verdict today right after lunch on your trial.

Think it shocked a few people. The deft. looked pretty bummed.

I have no idea what the case was about, but I'm pretty sure you would want to know. I meant to call you before I left today, but I totally ran out of time. It was 5:00 before I knew it.

I did a 1538 this morning with Judge Rudloff -- I think that's how he spells it -- and I was pleasantly surprised. I liked him being a bit short, and he seemed to be really nice to the staff.

Oh, and Vonda scheduled me in my office next week a lot. I can't believe it. Things might fall apart schedule-wise and things might change, but I'll take whatever time I get and count my blessings that she was nice enough to offer after a little whine from me. Well, maybe it was more than little.

Still after all these years I haven't learned to speak up and say ENOUGH -- whether it's to a judge or a senior. I just stew about it and then six months later my body falls apart, and then I just get mad about it.

Not very smart on my part . . .

Anyway, after next week hopefully the shoulder feels even better, and I will definitely be at ground zero all caught up work-wise. That should last a day or two. :)

Thanks for covering my dept, Tracy. Hope it was a nice break for you.

Oh, and that correction was Buspar. So I looked it up, and that's exactly what I had, not BuSpar.

I call appeals. Dolores looks it up, says I'm right and to do an affidavit.

I told her if it was all right with her I'd just send another O & 6 of the page exactly how it was. It would have taken me an hour to do an affidavit. :)

She said that was fine with her.

BOIT, Buspar is a drug. Guess I should have known that, but at least I didn't cap it wrong, and I obviously knew what it was in 2003.

Have a great weekend!
At 20:35 on August 9, 2009, Tami said…
On fire?? Yep, that's a perfect description.

I LOVE my staff, the judge, even hearing DUI after DUI. I just wish the body could keep up with the mind!!

It's a bit frustrating because you know how much I love doing what I do. I just wish it loved me back a little bit more than it does!!

I wish I could get Thursday and/or Friday in my office to catch up on being off for six weeks and start a little fresher with Judge H. on the following Monday. Vonda has never offered, so if I don't say anything, I know it's not going to happen. Guess I should ask.

I opened up a request for corrections on a DP I did in 2003 today. It's Yonko. He just got sentenced to death. I had the 1368 hearing -- very technical hearing with at least two doctors. I know it lasted two days, maybe three.

I had four corrections: Jag to JAG twice, trustworthyy -- two y's, and a name like BuSwar. I had cap'd the S, and they wanted it initial cap only.

I have no idea what the word is, so I'm sure I asked and somebody told me to cap the letter in the middle, as you know I wouldn't have done it on my own.

So I was feeling like a dog when I heard I had corrections, and now I'm actually flattered. If that's all they found in those two or three days, WOO-HOOOO!!!!!!

What's really funny is on the request to correct the transcript the attorney asking for the corrections has a simple spelling error in the two-sentence request.

I really do think this job is a kick!
At 11:57 on August 9, 2009, Tami said…
You had three slow days with Judge Hansen??

I'm sure you must be working for a visiting judge.

I don't think I've had one open day since I started with him in the spring, AND I never have had a day out of court whether he was there or a pro tem judge. I guess if you count the day or two that I read back to juries . . .

I think you covered me one day like that. Seems like the juries who wanted readback wanted the entire trial. Sorry about griping. I just feel like I was left to drown, and my shoulder didn't make it out of the water. :)

Anyway, Happy Birthday!!
At 9:39 on August 9, 2009, Christine (Steno Nerd) said…

At 23:27 on August 8, 2009, Tami said…
Happy Birthday 35 minutes early.

I hear you've been working my dept. Hope you've been having fun.

My shoulder is doing better. I did get another deep, deep tissue massage today. My bicep is all black and blue, but it's really been the only thing that has helped get it back to where it will move for me.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful b-day!!

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