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Total Eclipse Foundation Training - Improve your skills!

Total Eclipse Training for the individual who is a court reporter, scopist, or proofreader who wants to learn a new skill.  Many have fallen in love with the Total Eclipse Software for realtime and transcript production, but have not learned all the powerful tools that can make their realtime and editing skills go to a higher level.  Many are feeling overwhelmed!  They try to teach…


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Taking advantage of COVID-19 Re: CCP 2025.310(a)

How do you feel about depos being taken in a court reporting office with the deponent & attorney appearing in person and a court reporter setting up the videoconference but not reporting the proceeding?  The court reporter taking the proceeding is a staff reporter at a large networking company out of the area.  Outside of COVID the networking agency would have hired the reporter setting up the videoconference to do the actual reporting.

I don't think limiting the number of people…


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Profile Photo

Hi, all.  I pray you all are safe and healthy.  I want to change my profile photo, but the photo is incorrectly placed to the right.  Can anyone tell me how to rotate my photo so that it faces straight forward?

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Total Eclipse Foundation Training - Federal Reporter Signed up!

A Federal Official, Paula Barden, signed up for Total Eclipse Foundation Training, one-on-one with Teri Gibson. The training has 10 sessions. We are excited to share with you that after just five sessions, she learned how to improve her realtime skills, update her dictionary, and apply what she had learned to improve her results on the Certifying Realtime Reporter Test. We are accepting students for one-on-one training! Get individualized training so that you can improve your editing…


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Improve your skills! Total Eclipse Foundation Training

Gibson Skill Development and Training Center LLC

Teri Gibson,  RPR, CRR, CRC, CRI

Professional Court Reporter

Teri Gibson began her career as a  Certified Shorthand Reporter and began her profession as a Freelance Court Reporter in 1981.  The shorthand skill that she used is called stenography.  She has worked as a Court Reporter, CART Provider/CART Captioner and Total Eclipse Trainer.…


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Create your own Exhibit Stickers & Mark Exhibits Remotely - Earn CEUs!

As court reporters, we are constantly buying exhibit stickers that are made for us.  Well, now you can learn how to create your own stickers and also how you can mark exhibits remotely in a Zoom meeting.  You can also apply for CEUs.  There is a quiz at the end of the course - True/False questions.

Sign up here! 
Click here.

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