I am thinking about purchasing a Revolution Grand steno machine (made by the Neutrino Group out of Denver, CO. ) I have it right now and am tryng it out. I kind of like it. Can anyone give me any comments, pro or con, to buying this machine?


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CALL HIM!!!! :)
Trina, I'm so glad you ordered the RollerMouse. I truly feel it will help you. When I've got some free time, I'll post more about it on a separate discussion.

Now, give Jason a call - you know you want to!
Hi all, thanks for the link Jenny.

My number is easy, and I am happy to answer any questions you have 303-453-0384.

Call! OMG, Trina, I just love my Gemini!!! ANY pain issues, I would bet it would help!! Pain in neck after a long day? I don't have that even after 8:30am to 8:30pm on Parole Boards w/a 1/2 hr lunch, lol. A couple potty breaks tossed in there, lol. I'm brain dead, but my body is not dying!!! :)
Wow I didn't know they did that.

Whatever we can do. Our goal it provide am machine that minimizes damage to your body. Thank you for your interest and when your ready we will be here.
Jason, just in case I haven't told you this lately: You rock.

I have not bugged him in a while, lol. I still need to update my StenoSync.....
Thanks, funny thing I tell me wife that all the time. But I guess since she picks up my socks she knows the truth. :)
Well, pick up your own damned socks. But you still rock.

Can anybody tell me what the "Roller mouse" is?
I just created a new discussion regarding the RollerMouse and Kinesis keyboards.
Thanks, Trina. I looked up the web site and found the Roller mouse. Very interesting.


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