Does anyone have any suggestions on a keyboard to put on top of your writer?  I'm tired of constantly having to move my hands up to my laptop.  I wanted to check with everyone as to what people are using.  Do you have to rig it to stick to your writer yourself with velcro or does it come with a way to attach it to your writer?

I bought one a long time ago through Stenograph, but it was to be used with the A3 and now I have the Diamante.  The gadget they had it standing on was huge.  I don't want to carry all that stuff.  I just want something simple.  Would love your suggestions. 

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I bought a SIIG USB mini keyboard at Fry's for about $15.  The keys are full-size.  I have it perched on my Diamante screen.  I have their tray but you really don't need it.  Just put a couple VElcro strips on each side of the screen.  Mine plugs in.  I don't want to mess with wireless.  I use a hub anyway so what's one more cord.  No batteries to worry about.  I have been using this for YEARS and wouldn't be without it.  Look for a keyboard that has regular size keys but no number keypad and has all the keys in about the same places.  I always make sure I have Alt and Ctrl on both sides of the space bar.  Otherwise, you have to really concentrate to hit the right things.  I've had other keyboards I've loved, all for 10 or 15 or 20 bucks.  I use them so much that eventually they wear out or keys fall off.

Oh, great.  I'll go to Amazon and buy one.  That's super cheap.  I was thinking like 150 it would cost. 

I have a diamanté, and I bought the diamanté mini keyboard tray at this link:

Then I bought at the grocery store or Home Depot some Velcro sticky tabs, and I attached them to the top of the tray and the bottom of my little 10-inch netbook laptop. It works great. I don't have to reach over anymore to the office table to edit on the fly. You, of course, can't see your diamanté screen anymore, because you have to close thr flap to attach the tray and laptop, but if you're writing realtime to yourself at every job, it doesn't matter. You can just read your laptop screen for readbacks. Hope this helps....

Oh, also I have Velcro on the bottom of the tray and on the writer itself to attach that as well so no slippage. I can send you a pic of it all if u need help assembling.

Thanks, Michelle

I need to get some Velcro.  Waiting for my keyboard to show up from Amazon.  You're right; it takes longer to have to reach up all day to make corrections.  I never look at my screen on my Diamante, so that shouldn't be a problem.  Can't wait to try it out.

Kelli, the keyboard will change your life! I used a netbook that didn't have bluetooth, so I couldn't use my bluetooth keyboard anymore for a few months. It drove me insane to have to put my hands up on the table to make edits. I felt like my hands needed their own passport for the travel! I finally got the keyboard to work, and I'm loving it again.

If you need help setting it up, I could help you.


You can get Velcro for a really good price at your neighborhood hardware store.


I can't wait.  I've never used a mini keyboard before, but I"m editing all day long.  It has to help.  I can't see how it wouldn't.  Keyboard hasn't shown up yet.  Hopefully soon.

Ah, it just showed up.  Saw it on the porch.  It's so cute.  Very small.  Can't wait to use it.  I wonder if I have any velcro. 

Okay.  I got it all set up.  Here is a picture of it.  Can't wait to use it!!

Kelli, which keyboard is that, and where'd you get it? I love that it's white; it matches! :)

Oh, and are the function keys standalone, or do you have to use the Fn key?

I got the keyboard from Amazon.  I think it's an Apple keyboard but works with Windows.  I don't even know if I have to use the function key.  Good question.  The keyboard didn't come with instructions. 

Just tried it out and you don't use the function key that I can see.  Used it in my Eclipse software and it works great. 

Can you post which keyboard you bought at Amazon?  A model or link would be great.



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